Space Opera

It's been a difficult year with many serious illnesses in the family. So to dig out from under for a minute, Mr Actor and I put together this nonsense.

Hope you enjoy it!

Ffrzt krzzt crack! A portal opens in front of them.

A spacepod hovers delivering an amorphous floating blob.

And a could tell from the triangles painted on, which they worship.

Suddenly they were entering the house

Moving in awkward ways

Shining their eyes on everything

Slightly scary

The blob which we called Morphy seemed so excited it turned on both its eyes

Hard to tell excitement in a Delactian

Interestingly, this is how a Delactian sees the world

And this is how we would seem to Morphy

We were shaking slightly as we enquired what they wanted.

The Delactian said "Hello, my name is Dio and this is Moty.

We are your new neighbours, and we wondered if we could borrow a cup of sugar."

Err, sure!

They said their thanks, took one quick look around,

vowed they would be back soon, and took off...literally!

Who knew aliens liked sugar!

Now you know how to sweet talk any who come by.

Til next time, keep on creating!

Much love,

Jazzy Jack

Editor- Mr Actor

Asst editor - Jazzy Jack

Photographer - Mr Actor

Asst photographer - Jazzy Jack

Morphy/Moty - Mr Actor

Dio the Delactian - Jazzy Jack


  1. WOW! What an adventure seeing into the alien world! We'll never look at a bowl of sugar the same way again! CONGRATULATIONS to the actors and the EDITOR and PHOTOGRAPHER and his staff!!! It was great fun and a little scary. Morphy can sure go into some crazy shapes and what BIG eyes you have. Thanks for the ride. M&D G&G xxxx oooo

  2. Haha … you look like you have a ball at your place :0)

  3. HAhahaha!! I love, LOVE your story. Well done to everyone. There's nothing like a little sci-fi to make the non-fiction more bearable. I'm glad you had such a fun cast and crew to pull this off - it makes all the difference.

  4. :) Love this (and love the pants too!)

  5. again a fabulous photo story!!!!!
    what will you borrow from that neighbors???

  6. Haha, another fascinating story illustrated with shocking photographs!

  7. Wow! I am in trouble because I don't keep much sugar on hand. What if aliens come? And perhaps I need some sparkling leggings too. Does that impress aliens? It impresses me!
    Your photo-stories are so much fun. Love and hugs to you and your family. Always thinking about you. xoxo

  8. Wow, whats that??? Never seen such visitors before...
    Glad, that our neighbors are nomally people ;-)


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