Surface vs deep, Rise & Write, and BeautyScope 246

Hello my lovelies!

Aspies don't get small talk.

As you know I have been diagnosed with Aspergers which is an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Oh I have become better at small talk with practice, but it always frustrates me. I want to cut to the chase, get the job done!

I remember once belonging to a sewing group. We would have spent our whole time chatting and never made anything if I hadn't cracked the whip. (hopefully nicely :-) I find it difficult to ostensibly meet for one reason and then never do it. Very goal oriented!

Aspies say that if it weren't for us, people would still be sitting in caves chatting!

So I like a relationship with my blogs. Social media with its like buttons although fun doesn't really satisfy.

I like blogs that say something. Whether an interesting angle on style or creating something new or a cool idea or some musings. It doesn't have to be long but does need to make me think, otherwise I become bored. Does this make me an ideas snob?

A glimpse of the sun shining through our beautiful pansies on our deck.

Keeping our spirits up through Winter.

Take a step with me beyond the surface. Dive into the murky world of my mind.

Here I present my latest offering for Rise and Write. The linkup by the beautiful Natalia.

Day 8. Write about fear you experienced (or are experiencing now). It can be a situation from your life, a fear of heights, of dogs, of closed small rooms or clowns… or a fear of being yourself, doing what you want to do, expressing yourself. Does your fear have a face, a voice, a smell, physical presence? Is it an abstract blob? How does it make you feel when you experience it?

I am an expert on fear

You see I have fought it

All my life

We have tussled

In the early morning

Had a bout when

Out and about

Even a couple of rounds

When the sun went down

But how can I be fearful

On a day like today

With the sun shining crazily

On golden wattle blossoms

bursting like little fire bombs

Kookaburras are laughing

At my silly postures

As I try to capture them

On camera

Learning to flow

And go with my instinct

I find silly jokes

And indulgence

And not following the rules

amazing antidotes

And I find myself

Joining the kookaburras


Of course being prone to depth and seriousness I can disappear down the black rabbit hole of my own making. I need to guard against this with silliness and humour and music and dance. Making things and building up are also a perfect antidote, as is photography which encourages me to notice beauty in all its detail. Hence my BeautyScopes...

BeautyScope 246: Pine cone man in a hurry

Do you see him?

swiftly stepping out

his slipstream

blurring the branches

See you later...must fly!

Til next time, keep on creating.


Jazzy Jack

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  1. As a cave dwelling chit chatter you would think that we have very little in common yet you speak to me just about every day with your photos and your poetry and your funny little thing faces. XXXXOOOO

    1. Oh Connie! I'm so glad! I do like chatting too but about something while working! Xo Jazzy Jack

  2. The black and white photo is gorgeous - I love the feeling of movement, the light, the contrast. Your outfit is gorgeous! You are ready to fly and giggle with kookaburras! I can relate to a lot of what you are saying in both your post and your poems. I'm not interested in small talk, never have been, and I too prefer cut through fluff and get to the meaning.

    ps There is some sort of error in the link from Rise and Write to your post, can you try to link again please?

  3. Being a task oriented person myself , I really understand where you are coming from . D.
    Love the pansies ,and the beautiful golden wattle is just right for a winter's day.Your courage inspires us !
    Your writing always hits the spot too .D&M xxxx

  4. your poem totally describes my own feelings!!! often my days start by staring in the black rabbit hole. but like you nature can lift me up - and creating!! i will print it and hang it up where i can see it in the morning - as a reminder!
    i like a good chat - when its time for. work has to be done! :-)
    hubs is a wordy type - while he talks about cleaning up the breakfast table i have just filled the dishwasher and shoved the food back in the fridge - and then he´s puzzled....
    hugs! xxxxxxx

    1. How amazing! I write something over here, and you like it and print it over there! Can't get my head around it all. Very humbling :-) xo Jazzy Jack

  5. p.s.: fab super hero cape!!!! xxxxxx

  6. To change the world, all we need to do is keep being kind to each other and keep allowing others to be kind to us, and I see that happening here ... beautiful.

  7. I love your question to yourself, "Am I an idea snob?" that is funny, but I find I should ask myself that. I am probably extremely guilty of rambling and not getting to a clear point, which may be why it drives me bonkers in others! I'm still noodling some poetry-haiku might be the avenue I go as a newbie.

  8. I think you and Sheila might get along very well. (from Ephemera) She too likes to crack the whip. When I'm focused on a task I like to be on my own. No distractions.

    I think the trick with blogs and in the internet in general is that everyone "thinks" they have something great to say, even if they don't and they are all shouting it from the top of their lungs everywhere, all the time. The trick is to be able to find someone you actually enjoy listening to.

    For me I like a flawed human being. Not a cut out replica of every other blogger, which is another reason I like your red SuperWoman cape and your art.


  9. Love that you spotted Man in a Hurry in the branches and pine cones. What a fun shot.


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