BeautyScope 254: Textures

as I walk the streets

my body feels its textures

feet bouncing and wobbling

on pebbles and cobbles

fingertips trailing on railings

coat catching on brick

cheek cold on glass

and I wonder

does yours?




  1. Wobbling, bouncing and sometimes catching - sounds like a good life :-)

  2. We love your textured photographic painting and poem! Walking here....stones crunching, soft lumpy grass, slippery moss, sticks that poke as well as solid smooth paths add to the sensations. Thanks for reminding us to notice them. Our love & hugs D&M xxxxoooo

  3. Yes! And that's why it's so stimulating. ;) Love the photo and your words.

  4. I love how you notice all the little things and sensations! Yes, my body too. One of the unexpected, totally forgotten sensations after many years not wearing stiletto shoes and then wearing them again was how the fine stiletto heel gets in the cracks of the pavement and for a moment you feel yourself caught. :)

  5. So much to notice out there in the world when you really look isn't there :0)

  6. in a city i usually shelter my senses - but in a forest, field, garden, on a river or a beach i bath in all that impressions - hot and cold, rough and smooth, smells, light, sounds. i put my cheeks on tree barch, rocks or moss.... the only city where i was so open was venice!


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