Date with the eagles

Apologies for being absent without leave...blame our internet connection!
Here are the photos from our date last week which I didn't get to post.
We went to a newly developed/revitalised section of Canberra called NewActon.

This is actually at the ANU (Australian National University) on the way there.

"You can't see your boots!"

"Now you can!"

This is the Nishi building with window boxes and shutters on one side...

...and tiime warp on the other!

The staircase inside suited Bushy to a t with all that wood!

Interesting artworks inside.

And stacked newspapers forming bollards outside.

There was an interesting eagley section outside.

With the cutest running away chair...ever!

The pants are made from the Plinka Pants pattern by Tina Givens.


Just in case you were feeling like parking your jet, or nuclear warhead!

Much love,

Jazzy Jack

Linking up with The Style Crone's Hat Attack. Judith has a tall hat on!



  1. I was hovering in my jet and zeroed in on your interesting post with all the interestingly eagely sightings and wood trimmings galore! Love your pants too. They're visible from 30 miles up by the way. ;)

  2. The tapestry stag's head and the wall of suitcases are wonderful! What a fantastic setting.
    Loving your pants! xxx

  3. What cool structures. Thanks for sharing them.

  4. What a fantastic building, so much to enjoy. Love all those trunks in the wall, and the runaway bench! xxx

  5. Red Boots!!! Yay for red boots, everyone needs a pair. Cool building inside and out.

  6. I thought the "no parking_anytime" sign meant that if you parked there, they would blow you up with a missile! =D

  7. Oh I luv that chair, bench with legs. What an interesting building and surroundings. Nice fabric, too, for your Plinka pants minus the pleats. You look great in your blue and red.

  8. marvelous architecture!!!
    and a beautiful ensemble that you´r wearing! those pants - looove! nice ti see bushy in all that wood art!

  9. What a fantastic date!!! Thank you so much for bringing us with you, I had so much fun looking at this weird art (good weird!), and I will be back to look at your photos again. Great to see you and Bushy too - you look gorgeous! Much love!

  10. Great outfit. Great architecture. So offbeat and fun. Love combining fashion and travel. Really enjoyed this post!

  11. Great post, JJ! The building is amazing and all of the photos are really cool-and love the running away bench-but the most stunning is you. Your outfit is both adorable and snazzy. Do I date myself saying snazzy? Love the hits of red and the pants are great. You look like a spring flower and I do love red and blue on you. Red boots-oh I am so envious! xoxoxo

  12. Such interesting constructions and all those art objects! Seems like fun place to visit. your pants look so cool, especially with those red boots!

  13. Thanks for taking us along on your date. Your photos are wonderful! Especially the pics with you wearing that stunning hat. Thanks for sharing with Hat Attack!

  14. This is an amazing place!! SUCH creativity! Oh and thank you for linking up with TT and your nice comment- very glad that you did leave a comment as I couldn't remember where I had found your link when I was on my computer and now I found you again!x


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