Did I say that?

There is nothing like making a statement online, to make me change my mind.

Recently I blogged that I couldn't comment on others' blogs much, and then proceeded to do just that because I couldn't help myself.

Last post I said I didn't feel like blogging much and now I find myself working on Photography and Outfit posts!

Contrary? Me?!

I think I just like bouncing from one extreme to the other. Not much given to middle ground, me :-)

So here is my contribution for Visible Monday.

Bushy and I went out on a date on Sunday Afternoon which we hope to make a regular outing.

I feel very visible in my blue.

To a tea house/cafe.

I was in drapey mode.

Poor down trodden explorers

It's Spring!

See all the buds?

Trying some walking shots...on your mark...

...Get set...


Come and visit the other stunning Visibles.

Patti is wearing linen (my favourite) and a mysterious octopus!


Jazzy Jack

PS Linking with Kezzie and the stunning Mr Badger for Tardis Tuesday and My Closet Catalogue



  1. ha - do i know that walk and smile? :-)
    you look very visible and fabulous in dazzling blue!!! so gorgeous that you and bushy will have "dates" on a regular basis - oh wait - you posted it - should that mean that it will not happen???? ;-)
    tons of big hugs!!!! xxxxxxx

  2. I noticed you do that (post you couldn't comment... and then commented). I chalked it up to how mysterious we are. We don't even understand ourselves! This is a cute outfit. Love the colors.

  3. Blue is my favourite colour and really suits you.


  4. You look gorgeous, what a wonderful outfit. xxx

  5. Love seeing you smiling! Love the walking shots, and this gorgeous blue outfit, so flowing and layered and eclectic, really really reflects your wonderful personality, full of surprises. I decided not to explain myself too much - just do whatever suits me at a particular period of time. People are understanding. And if not, then it's ok too.

  6. You look so pretty in blue. Excellent scarf. So happy you didn't disappear 🌞

  7. What a lovely visit on your date...with star of the show in that flowing silky outfit in gorgeous blues that sing together . Where were you? The sculpture looks fascinating and the spring growth a delight...and a pot of tea with good company...looks like a good time and a fashion shoot! D&M xxxx

  8. You look like a moving soft sculpture. The flowy blues are gorgeous on you.

  9. Visible and adorable. You have that lovely, approachable glam in this combo. That you have these fabulous items to combine speaks volumes for your excellent taste in print mixing. So there!
    I've been off-again-on-again these last months ... mostly off ... but in returning, I'm finding myself taxed to get around to see everyone! Time management must be my goal if I want to continue.
    Love it when you outfit post, I do!

  10. I do the same darn thing! Just when I think I'm never going to get around to blogging again I go and think up a post I want to do.Ho hum, call me fickle! ;)
    You do look great in flowy blue!

  11. Looking very positive and happy! Love this outfit in blue, a very beautiful shade and suits you well!

  12. Gorgeous in blue and ready for spring

  13. Beautiful in blue. You match the sky! xxx

  14. Vivid, vibrant and vivacious! I wish I could blog and comment more. I spend all day listing and the last thing I want to do in my spare time is be on the computer. Good to know you are holding up the universe on your end. Stay joyful! -Bella

  15. Beautiful!!! I love your shades of blue, they look so regal and joyfully bright! I know the feeling about saying something and doing the opposite!!
    I saw your comment on Connie's blog that you are a violinist, I am always so happy to find other musician bloggers!!!! I'm a musician too, I play the viola although my main instrument is the flute!

    Anyway, I know it is a few weeks later but I help to cohost a link up called TARDIS Tuesday where the premise OS to wear something inspired by Doctor Who, British or bright blue so I'd feel honoured if you wanted to link up on Tuesday at all with this post!?
    Lovely to meet you and I'll be back when I'm on a computer so I can save your blog link!!x


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