Father's Day

Today for Father's Day I share a poem I wrote in 1998!

My Dad and I are very alike. And I love him.


My Dad's Hands

My Dad has powerful hands

I feel them swing me, lift me high

Till all that exists is the link in our hands

My Dad has graceful hands

He turns his wood with a sure caress

Till the wood responds, reveals a pure curve

My Dad has fixing hands

Projects small and large receive his precise touch

Till the result makes you breathe "aahhhh"!

My Dad is embodied in his hands

He reaches me, into my heart

When I look at his hands

For his hands are mine.

Happy Father's Day Dad!

(And all the Dads out there:-)

PS Dish made by Dad's hands.






  1. A touching poem and this composition of a dish and stones is so elegantly beautiful!

  2. Thanks heaps !!!!!
    What a wonderful surprise to read your moving words . Something to cherish .
    Thank you for the fun book and special card made by a young man who is also good with words !!! D (M) xxxx

  3. Such a beautiful elegant dish. Such lovely words.

  4. What a warm and beautiful poem, and the wooden dish is just as lovely. xx

  5. I lost my Dad a long time ago but one of my strongest memories of him is his hands

  6. Beautiful all around! I too absolutely adore my father. Lucky girls we are!

  7. That's so lovely! I wrote a poem for my Dad about his hands too. Perhaps that is a strong association for fathers. I am sure your father feels very lucky to have you as his daughter. xoxo

  8. My gradfather was like me and I'm sad until today, that he is dead since 28 years...
    My father was another people and never understood me :-(


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