My ghoulish kids

This is what my kids have been up to today.
Mr Artist visited a cemetery with his writing club and wrote this. Isn't it great?

I walked through the desolate grave stones. All their heads poking out above the ground like moles. To be fair it was probably the most freaky thing I’ve ever seen.

That’s when I saw her. She walked silently behind the trees dragging one mangled leg. As she walked she let out tiny moans with each step. I felt kind of sorry for her.

I waited behind a gravestone as she waddled towards me. I looked at her lifeless face and her shallow white eyes. She walked right past my giant gravestone hideaway and stood facing an open coffin. She slowly proceeded to climb in, muttering under her breath "Five more minutes."

Mr Actor spent the afternoon inventing fake blood and cuts with red food colouring and tissue to prank his brother. And not doing too bad a job at it either!

Ah, I'm a proud Mum!
Til next time, keep on creating...just like my kids :-)
Jazzy Jack





  1. Teenage zombies! Do they all want to sleep in past midnight? And such beautiful buckets of blood to finish :-)

  2. your kids are early this year for halloween!
    mr artist´s text ist really spooky..... you and bushy should wear garlic necklaces to night ;-)

  3. Yikes ... never a dull moment at your place :0)

  4. Oh yeah, a great story and I like cemeteries.
    The wound looks real in photo #3, well done!

    By the way: St.John's Worth ( hypericum perforatum) helps against ghosts ;-)

  5. Sounds like a pretty awesome day. :)

  6. Ooooooooo oh so creepy. You made us feel we were there Mr Artist!! Well done!
    Real Blood !? You could sell it to the Blood Bank Mr Actor. You had us fooled! Well done to you too! D&M G&G xxxxoooo

  7. You should be proud. I am the mother of rather ghoulish children myself. Did you ever see the film, "Addams Family Values"?

  8. All in a (creative) day's work.

  9. Mr Artist is such a creative boy, just as his mother is! What an impressive little story and that fake blood looks so really real!


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