BeautyScope 255: My suitcase

Any travellers out there identify with this?


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  1. Your poem has me considering writing an obituary for a noble bag that served me for 11 years of heavy travel before its spine broke. Bags deserve respect for all the work they do for us. I see things as very much alive in their own way, so this was very enjoyable for me. :)

    1. Oh no, its spine broke. What a vivid picture.
      We definitely form relationships with favourite bags.
      Love to read the obituary! Jazzy Jack

  2. What a story it could tell viewing valises; grappling with grips; hobnobbing with haversacks;poked in with ports; bouncing with bilums; balancing with backpacks; then pursuing a purse!
    LOve your post! D&M xxxx

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  4. Beautiful inspiring verse!x

  5. Oh yeah! Wonderful words in a famous picture.
    Have a nice sunday

  6. I love how you painted a picture with words! Vividly and... how should I say it, like in 3D... sculpturally? :-)
    Glad you were inspired and jumped on it! Write! Create! Hugs!

  7. I love your poem, Jack, and I'm still lined up to buy your book. I want it signed, of course.


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