BeautyScope 258: Falling water


water falls

this wild element

controlled by gravity

bestows on us the glory

of rivers, rain and fountains!



  1. Looks nice and cool in there ... has it been hot at your place?

    1. Hottish but not over 30 thank goodness!

  2. Intriguing textures... strong steel, skittish splashes cooling and calming.
    Three cheers for fountains!!! D&M xxxx oooo

  3. fountains are a fav of mine!! could sit hours in front of one and watch..... seufz....
    kisses! <3

  4. Thirty is hot enough for me! I like 22 best. I love water and yet I do not like to swim. I love the sound and scent of it, to dip my feet in, to watch it move. And when the weather is hot, I even love water in a simple spray bottle, though it isn't nearly as poetic. xoxoxo


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