BeautyScope 259: Walking into darkness

as a light attracted species

there is something quite terrifying

about walking into darkness


Do you find it so?


  1. Deep Blackness, the unknown, without the light is scary. But bring light in, colour and shape emerge transforming the perspective!
    Remember Lake Murray trip to the outhouse? D&M xxxx

  2. Darkness itself doesn't scare me … only what may be lurking within it.

  3. Yes I do. But I always have to check it out.

  4. Oh good question! I think many of us have a complex reaction to darkness. It can both soothe and terrify. It represents the unknown and the unknown can be both alluring and frightening. My darkness fears are relatively practical. I don't have a supernatural concept of good and evil, I am just inclined to wonder if there is an unseen slug to step on with bare feet or a hungry cougar lurking there. xoxo


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