Put on your sunnies, quick!

I have been preoccupied with setting up my homeschooling, and so just pop in and out again to comment. This means I miss your gems if they have scrolled too far in my feed.

I will catch up eventually, I'm sure, but my finishing gene is screaming!

I did manage to make an outfit for a friend and sent it off last week. She received it graciously, but I'm sure she must have been blinded when she opened the package! Here I am modelling it.

It's another Tina Givens pattern but I made the top into a wrap jacket instead.

I think it's the Plinka pants minus the pleats, and the Phoebe top with only one layer.

Made with some secondhand fabrics from thrifting and gifting.

Linking with Patti's Visible Monday because if I'm not visible in this I never will be! Come and see her in her lovely wrap dress.

Much love and keep creating!

Jazzy Jack



  1. On a dull day here, it is lovely to see something bright especially with you in it!
    We think pink plinka pants minus pleats SOUNDS fun. Good on the designers and creator.
    D&M xxxxoooo

  2. wow! gorgeous sewing!!!
    love your choice of fabric! your friend is a very happy one! but it suits you too - trés chic with that white collar peaking out! tons of hugs!!! xxxxxxx

  3. Beautiful creations. I love seeing color and these pieces are so original! xox

  4. What a wonderful creation, I bet your friend was thrilled with her parcel. Expertly modelled! x

  5. Definitely visibly beautiful!x

  6. What a wonderful outfit. You are such a kind friend but you really must make one for yourself! You look gorgeous!

  7. What a great present to receive - loving all the pink! xxx

  8. I am so impressed with your talent. The outfit looks great and that is just perfect pattern mixing. I like the way you made it a wrap top and I agree with Connie that you must make one for yourself now. xoxoxo


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