Springing up and homeschooling

Well Summer is finally here!...oops! Sorry, Spring! It always comes in with a bang and we wonder how we will cope with Summer if it's this hot already! But it calms down a bit for a while until the main event.

I took this shot mainly for Beate so she could see the shorts on me that I made to her pattern, shown in this post. I actually went for a run this morning! And my heart was fine! Just my legs and breathing to work on. Normal stuff...yay! (And the shorts didn't fall down)

Some additions to the pot garden, mostly succulents stolen donated from my parent's garden, to welcome in Spring...and a much awaited lemon tree!

My geraniums are resprouting at the same time as the Winter pansies are still flowering on the table.

This year's herbs are international. Aussie mint, Italian parsley, and Thai basil!

On the schooling front we have had a change in circumstances. Mr Actor wasn't coping at school, even with my driveway support. He was becoming dangerously skinny and catching every bug in sight. So I've decided to remove him from school under a medical certificate and we are home schooling for now.

We have had such a turn around in energy and activity I know it was the right decision.

He got back on the bike.

Chopped up some wood with Dad's new hatchet.

And due to his challenges star chart being filled, was able to get a new guitar!

Here he is learning to sew a piece of paper...

...look at those straight stitches!

He is a great cook so we had banana and walnut loaf made.

And I scored a cup of tea with chocolate covered walnuts...all invented by him!

Mr Artist has been hard at work playing World of Tanks these holidays, winning battle after battle and climbing the tiers. He now knows more about tanks than I ever knew and our conversations are regularly peppered with tank initials and numbers.

We also had fun inventing a ghost hand shake one day!

So as the day finishes and the golden light shines through my wax mobile, I'll say farewell...

...and leave you with Winter's cute sleeping face! (Taken by Mr Actor)

'Til next time, keep on creating!


Jazzy Jack



  1. How wonderful. It seems like Mr. Actor is really thriving. And how fun to have him around to feed you treats! My son was bullied in 6th grade. It was just awful. He complained of headaches every day. I kept him in school but I know it was hell. He finally came okay out the other side. But when I see how well you're doing at home I wonder if I should have spared my poor kid all that pain. Parenting is Difficult. And you look so cute in your shorts. Happy Spring/Summer.

    1. Parenting is such a gamble...but a rewarding one usually. I'm glad he is doing OK now :-)

  2. :) Looks like you guys are having a wonderful time!

  3. What a fun post! Running in new shorts which look great...gardening, cooking... looks delicious and yummy, sewing, bike riding, wood cutting, guitar playing and a ghost handshake ....you have been multi tasking!!! We felt like cutting a piece the cake and eating it Mr Cook . D&M xxxx

  4. Awww, Mr Actor is flourishing. Good for you. I love a man who knows how to handle a sewing machine.
    Great shorts and lovely plants and Winter's sleepy face is a picture. xxx

  5. First of all, I'm so glad your cute shorts don't fall down when you run. That could be a trip hazard!
    This is such a sweet post. I love the thought of your home schooled son discovering happiness and success with discoveries in the safety and love of his own nest. And I know, being the creative spirit you are, make a fantastic educational support for him. In many homes with so much stress the kids get pushed and pushed as the parents push themselves to succeed and make ends meet. I love how you have remedied your son's challenges he's going through right now by putting his needs first.
    If we come back in time together, will you be my mom? ;)

  6. I've missed you! I realize it's because I've been out of the loop for so long, so I'm enjoying catching up :) Love the shorts, way to go with the run! Seems like you've made a great choice for your son and who wouldn't want a personal chef around all day? ;) I must now go make banana bread and find myself some succulents for our balcony! Hoping to get back on the blog soon, but just thankful to be able to read yours this morning.

  7. I am so glad that your little one feels better!
    And you did a run in the new shorts - how cool! They look fab on you! Thanx for the name dropping 😀 our last summer had australian quality so i was very happy to have that little comfy nothing of a garment.
    The next pair get sewed by mr actor. Such neat stitches!
    Hugs for your lovely family and kisses for you my friend! Xxxxxxxx

  8. I always take my hat off to anyone that home schools, and your lad is one lucky kid to have a mum that recognised what wasn't working and is trying something new. Well done you, good mother you.

  9. Looking cool in your new shorts! Good to hear your son is doing better - if he can sew and bake, he'll do OK! xxx

  10. I'm glad Mr Actor is doing better ... there's nothing more stressful as a parent than a stressed out kid.

  11. He seems a wonderfully creative kid!!! That's great!! Those stitches are Amazing!!!x

  12. You look so sporty and full of energy in those shorts! Your and Mr.Artist's projects are always so fun and entertaining. Lovely photo of that sleeping dog!

  13. What a beautiful blog post! You look Jazzy in your shorts and well done on the run. Hope you don't get arrested for growing pot plants ;-) Hooray for Mr Actor and doing well. I'm so glad this is making a difference for him and I hope it eases your mind too. xoxo

  14. I can't do Google plus comments, but I wanted to say how beautiful your waterfall photo was!! ANd thank you for all the supportive comments!x


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