BeautyScope 266: Kangaroo meditation


ruminating on its reflection

whilst munching reeds

at the water's edge



  1. What a lovely spot to be . We love the textures and shapes. We feel like reaching out to stroke that soft fur. D&M xxxx

  2. huii! new design!!! trés chic!!!
    i think animal master the art of meditation by nature.... lisbeth right now :-)

  3. What a cute little guy. He does look like he's contemplating.

  4. How wonderful to see a kangaroo in the wild.

  5. Wikipedia says kangaroos are not true ruminants but this one sure looks like he is ruminating to me! Also looks delightfully fluffy. I just wrote a blog post (haven't posted it yet though) on meditation. I see now that I am doing it wrong and need to chew grass. xoxoxo


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