Reducing a too large shirt and no sew poncho.

Greetings all.

I thought I would share the lazy way I made this lovely XL soft shirt fit me, and show you my no- sew poncho.

Here is the sleeve hanging off the shoulder and over my hand.


I liked the fit of the body, just needed to adjust the sleeves but was too lazy to remove them. What does a lazy person do? Take some small tucks in the shoulder of course!


And another tuck just above the sleeve cuff...


Ta da! You would never tell!


See my new boho skirt with embroidery and also the cute boho style belt as well!

(Shirt, skirt and belt all thrifted)

Just to round it all off and because I was a little chilly during this wet day, I grabbed a piece of knit fabric from my stash. It was a remnant and I've never found good use for it but I loved the velvet texture of the diamonds. Pinned a brooch and it became a poncho! (No sew poncho- knits don't need edge finishing) It's found its place.


Now isn't my owl just the sweetest little thing?

All made of wood.

Hope you are inspired to create and play. What do you think?


Jazzy Jack



  1. That's such a clever idea, you've added style and uniqueness to that shirt and the skirt is really pretty. xxx

  2. I love your thinking! Your shirt upcycle is fantastic, better than the original. It looks great with this skirt - it must move wonderfully. Then the poncho - yes! And an owl to top it off. Beautiful.

  3. Lovely refit on the blouse, and hat owl is delightful! xxx

  4. Oh my gosh. That is so clever. And I love your folklorique final outfit. Honestly. I'm so glad you showed this. As a smallerish person I have constant sleeves too long situations. Brilliant.

  5. Tucks always add..... and so do yours. You've done it again making an outfit that looks good AND added the gorgeous wooden owl. D&M xxxx

  6. that you are a genius!!!!
    fabulous folky ensemble!! and the cutest wood owl ever!
    love! xxxxx

  7. Your owl really is darling! I love wooden jewelry. Even when a piece is modern, it usually sings with the spirit of the mid-twentieth century simply by virtue of what it's made from.

    Wonderful outfit - that skirt is show-stoppingly fabulous!

    ♥ Jessica

  8. Clever and creative … now that's a great combination :0)

  9. I understand you SO well! I´m also one of these lazy persons and when I have an DIY I will always go the easier and FASTER way! Your blouse looks wonderful! Like this black parts :-)

    fell in love with your wood owl <3 <3 <3

    love xoxoxoxoxo
    Dana :-)


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