Tablecloth and sheet shenanigans

One day I decided I needed some!

Rats, I can't leave the house. I know! Ransack the linen closet!

The top was totally invented by me, by cutting around a shirt and making up the bottom cutaway.

I made five little pleats in the back waist to give it a swing, deliberately keeping it loose to allow for the cute bloomers. You can just see the massive pattern matching at the side seams!

And would you believe I had some matching ribbon from a parcel long ago to finish the hem and neck. I deliberately left it to's not just badly sewn!

The pants are made from an old sheet and Tina Givens Phoebe pants pattern.

So, I had fun.

Should I have left them in the cupboard?

The tablecloth was too small for our table and the sheet was old (I hope it doesn't rip as I bend over!)

Have I " added value", as they say?

Linking with Visible Monday. One more pink visible outfit!

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Jazzy Jack



  1. Looks so much better on you than in a table :-)

  2. I love it - and I esp love how you ransack the house when a creative urge comes over you! xox


  3. Clever! Nice color and pattern.

  4. I am inspired by your blog. Goodness, nothing in my house will be safe now!

  5. That's a marvellous creation! Your approach to sewing is like mine, nothing is safe! xxx

  6. just. gorgeous. absolut!
    as a table cloth it was a bit "suburban" - as a dress it is cool and avantgarde chic! esp. with the bloomers underneath. i ´m too known for turning table cloth and kitchen curtains into skirts, dresses or hats. and the best is that nobody will ever know or even believe....

  7. You look so beautiful and springlike. This project was meant to be!

  8. No definately not , so much better as a dress , specially with those pants underneath. So handy for those hot Summer days ahead.

  9. Who needs a tablecloth when you can have such a fun cool summer dress that looks nothing like its original use . The table will enjoy being the spectator! Looks a real designer outfit at what price?! D&M xxxx

  10. The fabric makes a far more interesting tunic and bloomer set than tablecloth and sheet - what a great idea, you look lovely! xxx

  11. You are so creative … excellent work :0)

  12. (I hope it doesn't rip as I bend over!) That made me smile! I love your creativity. I just wish I were taller so I could wear such free flowing and comfortable looking clothes. You look so good!


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