Crimson reflections and a blogger surprise!

It's me! It's me! Look it's me!

Anne of SpyGirl fame has featured me on her blog this week, by doing a most amazing sketch of me in my crimson outfit from this post.

Have a wee peep!

I didn't know what to do to respond, but then remembered this red outfit and series of photos Mr Actor took recently when we visited The Arboretum in Canberra.

I am standing inside a sculpture which is based on the handwriting of the poet Dorothy Mackellar, who wrote the iconic poem "My Country", which includes the line "wide brown land".

I love the way they've made it 3D.

It must have been a sight as it was trucked up from Melbourne where it was hand forged.

I'm wearing my Asian inspired jacket, held closed with this recently acquired brooch, over a long comfortable embroidered skirt. ( Also seen here.) All thrifted! And my trusty suede hat that lives in my car and you've seen many times. It just happens to also be red!

There are amazing views from the Arboretum.

Don't we live in a pretty city?

And as a bonus, you can even catch clouds!


Thanks so much Anne for your artistry and generosity. My page views have gone through the roof!

Linking up to SpyGirl

'Til next time my friends, keep on creating!


Jazzy Jack



  1. Lots of pretty things at that Arboretum!

  2. What a fab place you live in, those sculpted words are the perfect backdrop to your colourful and fabulous style! xxx

  3. Yay!!! We are enjoying this visit to the Wonderful Arboretum with the Red Model in the amazing writing.....AND catching a cloud...what fun. Thank you Artists. D&M xxxx

  4. gorgeous landscape!!! and the sculpture is beautiful und looks like its grown from the ground....
    and a wonderful ensemble you are wearing for catching clouds :-)
    greetings to the great photographer mr actor!! much love! xxxxxx

  5. The sculptures are amazing. It looks like a wonderful place to go on a walk.

  6. amazing sculpture and fascinating landscapes, and you're lovely in reds!

  7. Now this is 'art' I can understand! Congrats on you blog expansion!

  8. Hey you were Spy-Girled! Can I say so in English? :) Well I just did. Congrats, it's really very special! Love the image Anne created and the original, of course! You look lovely in red, and sitting on the 3D poetry is just plain cool. :)

  9. That's fantastic! What a thoughtful way to celebrate your terrific style. I love it when bloggers shine the spotlight on others in our online midst like Anne has done here.

    ♥ Jessica

  10. That is brilliant! Anne is so cool and her artworks of people are fantastic! These photos are incredible, how amazing are those letters and ha, catching a cloud!!! Nice brooch too.x

  11. Anne has a great eye for capturing people quickly.

    I want to catch a cloud!


  12. I love your portrait ... it's fantastic.
    I've never seen that sculpture ... and I thought I'd seen just about everything in Canberra ... must be almost time for a new visit :0)

  13. Oh I love it all! You look lovely in your crimson outfit and hat and the illustration of you captures your alive and I'm going to break into a dance at any moment sort of look. Red is such a fabulous colour on you. The handwriting sculpture is soooooo cool! What a great idea. You sure do live in a beautiful place. xoxoxo


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