Hot date in Canberra

On a hot day in Canberra last weekend, Bushy and I ventured forth on a date.

I wore my antique linen finely stitched saggy bottom bloomers under a summer dress with a shirt for sun cover. And my magnificent Maori inspired bag. (Note the heat induced red cheeks!)

We decided to explore the lakefront near our house. This is part of the Arts Centre.

(Frame for the clouds?)

Walking a little further around the lake we discovered our destination for afternoon tea was closing.

Quell horreur!

We settled for the bar upstairs.

It ended up being a fun choice with some quirky decorating...right up my alley!

The sign outside...ummm?

Leather and wooden bench inspired by plastic milk crates.

Bushy sitting on the deck of the nameless bar waiting for a breeze.

This is what we could see...

I don't think we did too badly.

This lake is 15 minutes walk or 2 minutes drive from our place.

One of the reasons we stay in our little suburban house.

And yes the breeze did arrive eventually and it was most welcome!!

Til next time, keep on creating!


Jazzy Jack

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  1. What a lovely environment with interesting visuals. It's nice that you live so close to it. I'm in a suburban area as well, for the same reason. I enjoy visiting the nearby city but equally enjoy going home to a calmer refuge. Great pics.

  2. It's really hot here to-day so we can feel the temperature of your walk as we enjoy the visuals of the fun place, beautiful relaxing scenery, and handsome humans. D&M xxxx

  3. What a gorgeous view - I like the look of that bar very much! Having all of that within walking distance of your house must be great. xxx

  4. fabulouse date!!
    DLM and i would like that place too! beautiful nature view, artsy bar and and to hot to do more then sipping a drink - whats not to love!

  5. Gotta love a cooling breeze ... it's quarter past nine here and we're still waiting for the cool change to come ... it's been a stinking hot weekend.

  6. How lovely to have such a place so near. Great artwork, a beautiful view and a breeze too!
    An a unusual bag in an eye-catching print.

  7. Hello, my dear Jazzy you are such an artist.
    I wish I could visit

  8. I'd love to hang out in that bar, the decor is super cool! Loving the Maori inspired bag! xxx

  9. This is my idea of a perfect date. The bar looks great-I love a quirky place like that too. You look adorable in your hot weather outfit and I love that hat on you. The shape really suits you. xoxo

  10. love everything: fabulous landcapes, some interesting architecture and a picturesque bar to take a rest and enjoy an amazing decoration!, and you look comfy & cool, which is the most important thing!. Lovely layering, and such a cute summer dress (and matchy bag!), your bloomers are so funny!!

  11. What an intriguing and beautiful place- amazing views and quirky furniture! Sounds like my kind of thing too! You dressed well for it too with a safari vibe!cx

  12. The perfect date , peaceful scenery , a great looking and quirky bar and an enjoyable companion.Looking set for a scorching Canberra day in your Summer dress and those lace bloomers peeking underneath.The Maori inspired bag is just great.

  13. Sounds like a great date to me! Good on you for enjoying yourselves so much!

  14. Looks like a wonderful date! Beautiful scenery. Quirky decorating. Fabulous company. Thank you so much for sharing your chapeau with Hat Attack!


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