March of time

Over Christmas I was so privileged to spend some time with my parents, accompanied by Mr Actor.

As we took our morning walk around their retirement complex he took some photos. I wish you could hear the bell birds chiming with abandon. A constant soundtrack at their place.

I must say I was taken aback at the following photo as I noticed the march of time across my neck and the example of my parents lined up beside me giving an idea of where I was heading.

But then I looked again, and I saw the photo from another angle.

How privileged to take a walk with my parents.

What a lovely shot of the generations lined up.

Didn't Mr Actor capture us well.

How lovely to see the world from his point of view.

I love my parents dearly and think they look wonderful, so ergo ipso etc. I do too!

We all periodically have moments where we have a double take and realise what we actually look like. Where we need a moment for our mind's self image to catch up with reality.

This was one of those moments for me.


I've recently become enamoured with India Flint and have been reading her book Second Skin about all things fabric, eco and dyeing.

So I've been experimenting with some fabric and leaves.

Here I am in my grey silk blouse which I customised with some gum leaf prints. Can you see the brown prints?

Mum stood me in front of the tree to see the similarity. I almost disappear! Glamorous camouflage!

I also love this linen skirt I found recently at my secondhand store. So interesting with diagonal shapes and dangly beads.

More on natural dyeing in this post.

All photos by Mr Actor.

Til next time, keep creating.


Jazzy Jack

PS I have my parents' permission to use their image and talk about aging,

a reality that comes to us all...if we are lucky :-)



  1. It is indeed a privilege! I wish I could spend some time with MY parents, but it is too late for that now. Life is too fleeting. Spending time with your parents is always a great privilege.

  2. I think my time marches the other way - I have "always" been this old but am surprised by photos showing me in a weird "young" disguise!

    Great shots Mr Actor - maybe they don't feel too old when you can capture them looking so active and interested :-)

  3. Wonderful shots and a great perspective on the privilege of sharing the things we have/love. Yes, I have been taken aback recently too by raw glimpses of how I look. But, tra-la.
    I LOVE your new linen skirt, so much bold linear detail. It's hard to see the shirt pattern but from what you describe the process must have been very satisfying.

  4. I wake up some mornings and I see my mother in the mirror. My daughter says the same thing about me. Such nice photos and you in your always floaty wardrobe.

  5. What fun to enjoy the walk again with you! Mr Actor's pictures bring back a lovely memory of being followed by a camera toting young man...telling a great visual story! Well done! We are truly blessed to have spent time with you both. Love the gorgeous tree trunk enhanced by gorgeous young you!!! D&M xxxx

  6. yes - we age - its totally normal. there was a time when people older then 40 were a rare species and very honoured for their experience. a sagging neck was a sign of wisdom! ;-)
    today we want to stay young and naiv.
    ok. not you! you looked twice and saw the beauty in the picture! lovely family of yours!
    the natural dying/printing is a thing i like to try. saw marvelous patterns on the internet..... your ensemble ist just beautiful!!!

  7. Such sweet shots of the three of you. It is indeed a privilege to be able to spend time with our parents as we get older. Time is all too fleeting. Of course, aging is the most natural thing in the world but one that we often stress about. I was fortunate to grow up with my grandparents living with us so some how getting older doesn't seem so bad. I don't mind my silver hair, I do mind my wrinkles but hey, they are laughter lines and show that I've lived. I'd rather have lived and show life and experience in my face than look plastic!
    Love what you've done to the skirt with it's bold lines.

  8. Enjoy the time with your parents , this is a time so many forget to cherish. Wonderful photos of you all together. I really like your linen skirt paired so beautifully with your custom silk shirt, it really does mirror the tree. Look forward to more of your creativity. XX Jill

  9. So nice to see the three of you in profile like that! Beautiful! I have a photo of my mum, sister and I from about 15 years ago and I really love it!
    Your shirt is an astonishingly good match! How did you do it- with silk paints!??!?x


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