Ponder poem on separation

I need time alone as I need water, but with a highly anxious child, this can be difficult.
As we spend more time together, the kids and I, we are also inevitably exploring being apart.
Do you like time alone?
Here is my ponder poem on this subject.



moving away

we are all individuals

living our dance

on this earth

we may feel close to others

for a time

but that will change

we can only really live

our own lives

and share it with others


as we inevitably

spend time apart

we can see it

as time to explore new avenues

which we can share

when we return

depths will be found

as we allow ourselves

time apart

to respect ourselves

to forge bonds

with ourselves

leaving a child

to manage on their own

can support and nourish them

can strengthen their internal ability

to stand up for themselves

to say I can do this!

and the parent

also has their courage tested

leaving their child

trusting them

trusting that those around

will care for their precious one

the parent finds

they are required

to withstand

the painful stretching

of those bonds

almost to breaking point


but which when required

will be found to have strengthened

and thickened

allowing even faster

and more significant



let's celebrate our soulful dance

this interweaving

this interlocking puzzle

together we are an amazing picture

of so many beings

connecting apart


Jazzy Jack

Art by Mr Actor



  1. Really beautiful and I can relate too. I'm an introvert who really likes her own space (both physical and mental)... which is hard when you have two young children. So we're working on figuring all this out too.. how to get everyone's needs met and live together.

  2. How well you have expressed your feelings and ideas in words and even the shape of your poem. Mr Artist's artwork is ideal to go with it. We can relate to what you are saying and thank you for sharing it. D&M xxxx

  3. This is a wonderful poem and so aptly put. Yes, yes, yes, letting the children have time alone to develop and strengthen those bonds!!!Xx

  4. And I relate so much to needing time alone!x

  5. gorgeous poem!!! and so true! we need to let go to find happyness! its hard sometimes - but if we gather the courage to do so - its sooo rewarding. as you´r experiencing right now!
    and i really need one day a week to be alone! no telefone, no visitors, no tasks or chores. if i cant have that day for a while i start to get nervous.....

  6. I agree with you. We all need both - time alone and time bonding. This is how we are in my family - we all have a very strong need to be alone, and yet we love being together or even simply doing things next to each other, it is also somehow very nourishing.

    ps Do check out my new Write and Link "no rules" rules - I think you'll like it. I hope you can join in with your poems!


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