PNG building

Mining the archives once again.
Here are some buildings and structures from PNG.
Our first house in Wewak - note the wooden louvres. (I am on the left) This was opposite a sawmill that screeched!

Our house in Mt Hagen (back door view). Note the gas bottles and the noose for the banana branch hanging from the eaves and the security mesh on the windows. I remember camping on that square of lawn in a homemade tent out of bedspreads and safety pins. Also practising highjump with my sister with that tiny run up.

Natural timbers and vines carry you over the river! Surprisingly sturdy.

From the sublime highly crafted PNG High Commission in Canberra based on the Haus Tambaran... the amazing Smugglers Inn entrance in Madang

Do you have a favourite?


Jazzy Jack



  1. A house on stilts, I know only from fairy tales... my favotite ist the bridge (I would trust it too)
    Have a nice weekend

  2. Anything called 'Smuggler's inn' has my vote- sounds like a Famous Five place!!x

  3. A lovely trip into our past! The screeches we hear now are cockatoos and it's definitely not as sweaty! Smugglers Inn is Madang. We were enriched by being there. See you soon. D&M

  4. i like the bridge most too!
    i can almost feel the tropical heat by looking at this pics!

  5. I love those rickety bridges - they terrify Jon when we have to use them in rural India.

  6. Wonderful to have a peak into this unique world. It reminds me of my own travels in Southeast Asia years back. Was it scary at all to live there as a child, or you felt totally content?

  7. What fantastic architecture. I second others here, the bridge is so neat!

    Wishing you a terrific start of March, sweet lady!
    ♥ Jessica


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