Some more old photos from the album. These are of my maternal grandparents, taken around the turn of the century...1900s.

My grandfather, Poppi as we called him, was an identical twin. Numbers 11 and 12 in the family...or was it 13 and 14? You lose track among such big numbers!

I love the clothes and the stares. I imagine their mother hastily tidying their hair, brushing their fringes to the side, adjusting the bows.

They were harum scarum young men. Imagine how hard to make them stay still. I love the skewiff belt buckles.

My Poppi is on the right below. Belted jackets were all the rage obviously. And bows.

I love the props and various chairs.

He grew to be an electrician. Working on the boats in Sydney Harbour during the War. He was a tease and a raconteur and had a heart of gold.

And here is the girl he was to marry. My grandma whom we called Mardi (on the right)

I love the interestingly shaped chair and the beautifully embroidered dress.

Note the carefully turned socks with elastic underneath. I remember doing that before socks had elastane.

She was a savvy business woman who ran a succesful sandwich shop at the law courts in Sydney for many years.

She made beautiful clothes herself, and used to trim hats professionally.

She lived many years on her own and used to support my parents' mission work by taking in any passing mission worker who needed a place for the night. We used to invade her house for months on end when we had leave every three years. We remember it fondly. And I can still remember how her house smelled...a distictive but pleasant mix of summer grass, musty old house and furniture polish.

I hope you enjoyed meeting my ancestors!

What stands out to you?


Jazzy Jack


BeautyScope 285: Rainforest dynamics

social climbers

hitching a ride

to the upper eschelons

...where there is sun!


Random old photos of me

Playing pop the balloon at a costume party. Dress as your favourite book character.

I was dressed as Christopher Robin.

Some school photos. This was our entire school! We did correspondence school work together in a classroom with a supervisor. (I am second from left in back row- year 9, about 15)

The school has grown. Named Bamboo Heights High School.

I am second left in front row - year 10. My sister is next to me on the end.

Observing the high tide in Madang...I think.
For some reason this shot melts my heart...

I want to hug this serious intense little girl who is loving the gorgeous coral.

And look at the dress!

Hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my past.


Jazzy Jack


Modern PNG life

A couple of photos from the archives showing more modern PNG.

Love the make shift fence. This was probably at the Mt Hagen Show.

Common transport...the PMV (public motor vehicle). I remember travelling down the road behind these with the trays all angled to one side, and wheels wobbling.

I also remember travelling to church on the back of a ute sitting on a wooden bench with my carefully done hair being blown everywhere!

Ah happy days!


Jazzy Jack


PNG pig exchange

During the '70s while we lived in Papua New Guinea, we had the honour of witnessing a ritual between two neighbouring tribes called a Pig Exchange. Where the tribes would settle disputes by exchanging carefully calculated amounts of pig.

The pig is their wealth so this is a great honour.

This happened on the oval at the end of our suburban street!

Afterwards the neighbourhood dogs had a feast and cleaned up the remains.

I am struck by all the use of natural plastic. Although some western dress creeping in.

We kids were not impressed. We thought it stank! Respect for traditions and culture comes with age and experience.

Are you impressed?

Should we use this system today in our society?

Maybe with chocolate?!


Jazzy Jack

PS Today is my birthday. Maybe that is what present giving is all about subtly. Settling old disputes, although sometimes it starts new ones!

...maybe I'll have some chocolate today...

BeautyScope 282: Water Dragon

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