Random old photos of me

Playing pop the balloon at a costume party. Dress as your favourite book character.

I was dressed as Christopher Robin.

Some school photos. This was our entire school! We did correspondence school work together in a classroom with a supervisor. (I am second from left in back row- year 9, about 15)

The school has grown. Named Bamboo Heights High School.

I am second left in front row - year 10. My sister is next to me on the end.

Observing the high tide in Madang...I think.
For some reason this shot melts my heart...

I want to hug this serious intense little girl who is loving the gorgeous coral.

And look at the dress!

Hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my past.


Jazzy Jack



  1. Yes!!!! I do enjoy this glimpse into your past. You are such a little sweetie in your puffy sleeved dress. Isn't it fun to look at old photos and see glimpses of the person we are today? You and your sister have the same smile. And Christopher Robin! Always a style icon!

  2. Lovely series! I never had natural corails in my hands... (only the bijou of my mother)
    Have a good Easter week

  3. These are amazing!!!!! I love seeing little Jack!!!!xxx

  4. awesome!!
    you were such a pretty little girl and teenager! and how well dressed you and all your friends were!!!!
    <3 xxxxx

  5. I love such posts, you know it. Thank you for sharing! I recognized you on all the group photos - you really did not change all that much! The last photo is precious... give her a hug! :)

  6. Thank you for sharing these! What a delight to see the earlier you.

  7. Hey there friend! Love these old photos. Don't you just love looking them over every now and again? I need to scan more of my oldies so that I can store them in a safer place.
    Hope you're doing well! Finally got my son graduated through the homeschooling independent high school. He gets his diploma next week!

  8. What memories ..... we felt like hugging you sooooo often. You were such a cutie! And oh so precious! D&M xxxx

  9. I always Enjoy Old Photos... and even Salvage some of the old B&W or Sepia ones that others tossed away of their Ancestors and 'Adopt' them... the History of the places, Styles, the Era taken etc. is so Beatifully preserved in the Old Images. I particularly Love that last Image of you with the Coral... very Candid shot, which I always like best when Photographing Children, it captures their Essence if they're not posed. Dawn... The Bohemian


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