Climbing Mt Rogers

The other day I walked to the top of our local hill. It took me 2 hrs there and back. My legs felt it the next day, but I made it OK!

The views from the top were worth it.

The trig station.

The beautiful countryside.

And our glorious mountains...the Brindabellas.

Lake Gininderra (our local lake) peeks through the foliage.

Black Mountain is visible with it's iconic tower.

Belconnen (our local centre) is on the shores of the lake.

We live to the left of the lake.

Juvenile Rosellas kept me company on the mountain top.

Are you puffed yet? Ready to walk home? It's all downhill from here!



  1. Gorgeous views! So worth the effort ;-) Hope you are well!

  2. We enjoyed the climb. It feels like we've just come up in a cable car to enjoy the countryside. How lovely to be surrounded by bush and birds and not buildings. love D&M xxxx

  3. I looove that you shared your surroundings with us! Now I can imagine where you live. How beautiful! Your photos are breathtaking. I love long walks, and 2 hours is just about right for me. But it is so hard to go up the hill! You are my hero. :) I will now think of your climbing when I hit a hill. :)

  4. wonderful sights!!!!!
    this mountains make me want to explore them!!!


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