Gauzy philosophy + BeautyScope 286

Firstly, thanks so much for your warm comments on my last post.

Sometimes things that seem a negative in your life can open up new improved pastures.

Yes, I know, New Age speak. (Do people even refer to New Age anymore?)

We had a run of difficulties last year including my son's declining health leading to us removing him from school. This year we have embraced homeschooling not one but two kids.

This may seem like a disaster, but it is actually suiting us beautifully.

Disaster turned into joy.

But if we hadn't had the difficult challenge that wrenched us from our current routine, we never would have found this current wonder.

Similarly I've been struggling with my blogging commitments as you may remember. Since my holiday I've had to remove myself and felt a dryness and deadness which worried me. I wondered if the blog was on the wane due to the other energy requirements in my life.

But with wise counsel from you all, and some talking to myself, I think I've come up with a plan.

To continue blogging when I can, when I have a fun idea or artwork or news to share, but without any timing requirements. As my wise friend Natalia says, " I think we sometimes take our blogging responsibilities too seriously". I certainly tend to take on responsibility like a cruel task master, but no more!

So all this means I have now come through to a better place which will suit me more.

I will enjoy my blogging time and won't feel pressured to perform.

So don't despair if you are currently fighting through changes...there is fresh air to come!

a lifetime's meetings

cobwebs fine

precious networks

glisten across time

I hope we can continue to reach out to each other across the maelstrom of our daily lives.

Much love,

Jazzy Jack

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  1. I was missing you, but one gets absorbed into ones own life to ask.
    Good of you to have a break.
    The blog is my passion and a light in dark moments, if I ever felt that it became a duty, then I would stop at once. Life is too short.
    So glad to have you back, dear friend

  2. Hurrah! You enjoy your homeschooling, your life, and your blog! It's hard to go through changes and dark times, but I agree with you that crisis eventually brings us to light. I wish I could learn to not suffer, ever. I think that ultimately it's a choice, but it sounds too radical to most of us to embrace this thought and live completely free of suffering. Most of us believe that at least some suffering is "required"... All the very best and hugses!

  3. Well written! Good things come out of bad things, glad that the home schooling is working well. It is lovely to see you whenever!!!x

  4. What a complete picture and poem with its lovely insights. How true that is! How much we have been enriched by those meetings! We still remember the first exciting meeting with you. D&M xxxx

  5. Scary things tend to lead to better lives for us, I think. Hubby got laid off (made redundant is what they call it here in New Zealand), but it only proved to be a blessing for him to find work he likes better.
    I'm glad you decided to blog when you want to. That's what it's about isn't it? When I started blogging for me and not for you guys (sorry, no offense!), I was much more relaxed and enthused about it all.
    We will be here when you feel like blogging. Real life certainly should come first.

  6. Personally I love your photography and poems. They are a refreshing change from more photos of clothing! LOL

    I agree with Natalia that we seem to have this obsessive view about our requirements for blogging. They are all self imposed. Trying to find the best balance for yourself and your life while ensuring it stays enjoyable is a goal for every blogger. Truly.


  7. I've been missing you, but thinking that Real Life is always more important, and blogging is just something we do for fun and personal expression!, so it's better to enjoy it and never feel too obsessive about it, I think you're right!

  8. see - no worries :-)
    als long as you don´t sign a contract blogging is a HOBBY!
    not a olympiade or treatmill.
    sometimes i think i should post more outfits - but shooting them with the hit&run timer is very stressful for me - so i have to say to myself "don´t stress!". althoug i like to share my homemade clothes - if it feels like a unloved work then it is not good for me....
    so maybe the universe sends me a camera remote - haha!
    tons of hugs! xxxxxx

  9. That is the healthiest and wisest possible way any of can blog, especially if one is doing so as a hobby (aka, blogging isn't their day job). I really admire your positive outlook and they're weaving a bright new future from the silver linings you've had.

    Here's to positive days and plenty of sunshine ahead,
    ♥ Jessica

  10. You're so positive and your blog screen is so serene. I feel relaxed just being here. Thanks for reminding us all of what blogging is about and what it's not. Not a job, not real life, not proving a point, not competitive. If it's not fun, it's not worth it.


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