What a beautiful word.

A space between but not an end.

We have had a lovely hiatus where we visited the beach for a month.

Such a blast.

I enjoyed the blogging and online break.

But now we are home and I'm struggling to reengage.

In my day to day offline life I feel I am nesting. Creating a new space for my young ones to learn.

I spend my days gardening and rearranging the furniture. Finding new storage solutions and dreaming of new organisation.

I feel little interest in showing my clothes as I have become enamoured of my smaller (but still interesting) wardrobe.

I feel I've said it all with my BeautyScopes.

I'm going through a dry spell and concentrating my energies elsewhere.

I also feel what I do have to say has been said before by so many, so much more eloquently!

I am not creating much except mess...but eventually I hope to have a new space for sewing. A studio if you will. At the moment it is the room all the junk is temporarilly stored in.

So we will continue the online hiatus until the brain kicks back into gear after this time of flux.

But we did have the most astonishingly wonderful time away at the beach!

The view from our deck at the holiday house

All my love,

Jazzy Jack



  1. a month at the beach sounds wonderful!!! don´t hurry! :-)

  2. It IS a beautiful word!
    Have a nice and sucessful time, good luck with all :-)

  3. Welcome home. It's nice to turn our attention to the things that engage us at the moment and those desires shift, so it's good to roll with them. Let your enthusiasm be the guide.

  4. What a wonderful hiatus holiday it was to share. Thanks to all! D&M xxxx

  5. Take it easy! I think we take our "blogging responsibilities" way too seriously at times, and it burns us out (I'm the same way)... Living is so much more than blogging. Enjoy your life! Much love.

  6. As Natalia and the others have said, living is more than our virtual online life. The real world is what matters and you'll return when you're ready. Keep enjoying your break.



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