BeautyScope 288: Cultural meetups

crunching crashing clashing

cultural tangles

textural meeting points

multiple high ways

many pathways to on high


DIY jacket from pashmina (Tutorial)

Gasp! It's an outfit post!

I said I would show you my latest creation.

An old warm but not used pashmina which I wanted to make more useful. I struggle to wear wraps sometimes as they fall off my shoulders when doing housework. So decided to make it into a jacket.

Here are some very crude drawings to illustrate the process.

Fold the pashmina in half widthways. Cut off the amount you would like for sleeves (measure around your upper arm)

Of the remaining fabric, fold the sides to the middle and cut the folded sides.

Cut a shallow curve for the neck (measure off an old tshirt)

Stitch fronts to back at shoulders

Stitch sleeves on at shoulders seams. Fold sleeves in half to mark centre.
Stitch underarm and side seam in one. Don't forget to clip curve so seam will lie flat.
Zig zag the edge or do a fancy buttonhole stitch or a narrow hem or bias binding etc. I was lazy!
A closeup of my result.

In case you're wondering, I got bored with the black one day and needle felted a design.

I love how the fringing looks.

A closeup of the brooch for Kezzie. Go and see her brooch collection. Amazing!

Hood from the underneath top.

Wet look black leggings and black shirt from Black Milk.

Secondhand black wool tunic.

Old brooch bought for University Graduation.

(Unseen) Black cashmere jumper secondhand and felted black vest recycled from husband's moth eaten jumper.

(Don't laugh...I feel the cold!)

Hope you enjoyed this little walk through.

It is certainly a pleasure to wear now.

Do you think you will have a go?

Until next time, keep on creating!


Jazzy Jack


Yeti visit

Recently we had the privilege of providing accomodation for a visiting Yeti.

Their hair is designed especially for the Australian bush and is capable of amazing feats of camouflage given its size.

They are amazingly light on their feet, but do tend to overheat with too much strenuous activity.


Making sure every hair is in place...


...for a fun filled day of squatting in the foliage and scaring the wildlife!

(And parents!)


They often come home trailing bark and branches,

developing more and more camouflage over time.

Have you ever been visited by a Yeti, or other mythical creature?


My studio

Here is a sneak peek of my fledgling studio(not completely organised yet).

I am sharing with my kids' toy room. They are playing online more often now and also making things in the shed and outside.

Around the corner to the left is a bathroom with a quick access to water.


Looking to the left behind the door with a lovely seat in the sun

(covered by my Grandma's quilt) for hand sewing times

or hide away from the kids around the corner times.


To the right with sliding door access to the deck and courtyard.


Looking back into the house towards Mr Actor on the computer,

the family room and the kitchen.

How amazing to be able to leave the machine and projects up without feeling guilty. Up until now I took over the dining table. (Maybe we can eat at the dining table again soon.)

Stay tuned for a post about the sewing on the studio table.

I say again...studios rock!!

Do you have a dedicated creating space?

Or do you have to fit it into the cracks of your life?

Until next time,

keep on creating!


Jazzy Jack