My studio

Here is a sneak peek of my fledgling studio(not completely organised yet).

I am sharing with my kids' toy room. They are playing online more often now and also making things in the shed and outside.

Around the corner to the left is a bathroom with a quick access to water.


Looking to the left behind the door with a lovely seat in the sun

(covered by my Grandma's quilt) for hand sewing times

or hide away from the kids around the corner times.


To the right with sliding door access to the deck and courtyard.


Looking back into the house towards Mr Actor on the computer,

the family room and the kitchen.

How amazing to be able to leave the machine and projects up without feeling guilty. Up until now I took over the dining table. (Maybe we can eat at the dining table again soon.)

Stay tuned for a post about the sewing on the studio table.

I say again...studios rock!!

Do you have a dedicated creating space?

Or do you have to fit it into the cracks of your life?

Until next time,

keep on creating!


Jazzy Jack



  1. That's fantastic to be able to have a proper space like that to work in!X

  2. Nice. Everyone needs a work-space where you can leave projects-in-progress. Good luck!

  3. In my dreams! Our house was quite big until we moved in. I'm hoping to build an outside storeroom in the garden in the next few months, hopefully that should free up some space to create! xxx

  4. It's fun to see how you have changed your room. The chair looks so welcoming and we know you'll enjoy the space there. Has the cat found his space there too? D enjoys his little world where amazing things happen and are repaired! My creations live in a bag that sits near the lounge when I'm doing handwork and of course the drawing books and pencils go on our trips as well! Love and hugs D&M

  5. congratulations on your creativity space!!! well done!
    after years in space-station-sized apartments in the big city i really enjoy all the room our house provides. now i have a sunny, 20 m2 room only for sewing, crafting, creating. for the times when i´m not crafting & creating the house itself and the garden :-) no wonder the 5 years here have healed some deep wounds.......
    would like to sit with you in your room, fiddling with fabric and chat a bit :-)

  6. Lovely and very inspiring, my dear! We are working on creating my study/studio today!!! Wish me luck and inspiration and lots of physical energy! Justin has been gently pushing me towards taking my creative life more seriously, and having a dedicated room for creating is a must! I will share the results on my blog, once it's ready. It will probably take a while. Much love.


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