Yeti visit

Recently we had the privilege of providing accomodation for a visiting Yeti.

Their hair is designed especially for the Australian bush and is capable of amazing feats of camouflage given its size.

They are amazingly light on their feet, but do tend to overheat with too much strenuous activity.


Making sure every hair is in place...


...for a fun filled day of squatting in the foliage and scaring the wildlife!

(And parents!)


They often come home trailing bark and branches,

developing more and more camouflage over time.

Have you ever been visited by a Yeti, or other mythical creature?



  1. Oh My! What an amazing sight!!! Is there any end to the wonders and mysteries that the Canberra wilds can produce? How long did it take to grow that magnificently dense hair? Our special visitors were the Tin Man and Scarecrow who weren't as scary as this Yeti. Perhaps you could tell the Yeti about them. Love and hugs D&M

  2. hihihii!
    did not know that australia has yetis too! we hava the "kobelchen" - its mostly grey - can be small or huge, looks like an owl or a squirrel. or like fog between rocks..... lives in attics and trees or caves..... materialistic people fear it although it dos´t harm anyone....
    big hugs! xxxxxx

  3. What a fine Yeti! He's welcome over at ours if he ever fancies a trip to the UK! x

  4. Well of couse he's travelling to the southern hemisphere as it's warming up in the north. I already have a dog that looks like a small yeti so your guest would feel at home.

  5. Ha, ha, this is brilliant! He's escaped from Dr Who then!x


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