A couple of unschooling adventures

We have been enjoying some unschooling adventures lately.

Firstly we visited the train museum with our local homeschooling group.

Here is Mr Actor in front of the largest steam engine in the Southern Hemisphere and the fourth largest in the world from memory. He is always moving and balancing and parkouring when he is well!

This the interior of the diesel engine section. Very dark and claustrophobic but my brilliant camera managed wonderfully. This is a V12 engine with 2000horse power. Very impressive to my engine mad kids!

Mr Artist in his usual playful mood...grossing us all out!

The second adventure was a long weekend at Heartwoods our bush property.

It's always a special day when there is water in our leaky dam. Winter, our water dog, was in her element.

There was even water in the bath tub in the goat paddock (so called because it is a small fenced area...we don't have goats) which is unheard of.

Mr Artist has a passion for all things WW2 and has decided to build an Anderson Shelter at Heartwoods. He spent the entire weekend digging in the rain. He wouldn't accept any help. The wet conditions were ideal for digging.

And ideal for sinking as Mr Actor discovered!

Hope you enjoyed our wet winter adventures.

Til next time, keep on creating!


Jazzy Jack



  1. it´s a bit strange to see pics from australia with warm dressed people in it while lying in the shade by 34°C - in northern europe :-)
    your boys live a totally cool boy life! huge engines, strolls in the forest, digging in the mud. btw: here are still some man alive who were pressed to dig trenches - and defend them! - against the storming russian army in the last days of WW2 - they where boys then between 12-16 years old..... i´m sure there is literature/biographies about if you search with german words.

  2. Best kind of school! It's great to see your adventures. I bet there was a great sucking sound when he pulled his feet out. The railroad photo freaks me out. Heh. Glad you're feeding their spirits and their minds.

  3. Wow, what a great and strong engine!
    But half-naked in wintertime? Brrrrrrrrrr -(seems, yourr winter isn't so hard)
    Enjoy your weekend

  4. Oh wow, what a great school day!!! You make it fun!


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