Simplifying and Centring

Greetings my friends!

I wanted to touch base and explain what is happening in my life currently.

I have been simplifying.

I'm not sure where it actually started, but there are so many blog posts and youtube channels spouting simplicity and minimalism these days. I thought it might help me get some clarity in my life.

So I started with my wardrobe. I have removed all red, orange and purple because they were making me feel overcooked and put them in a bin under the bed. Then I removed all duplicates in my wardrobe. So I only have one grey blazer etc.

This has lightened up the space considerably, and I now am left with naturals and neutrals. White, black, grey, cream, brown, green, blue seem to be the way my brain wants to dress. I find simple styles that layer, with texture, line, beautiful cut, lovely fabrics are the simplest.

I still have all my fun stuff under the bed if I need an infusion, but lately I need calm. This has all totally surprised Bushy as I have been the colour lover from way back. I have an extreme personality with opposite sides and styles, so who knows I'll probably reverse all this in the future...hence the bins under the bed!

Next area to simplify has been my diet.

I am currently eating a raw food vegan diet!

I'm not sure how long I can keep it up as I still have to prepare my family's meals and preparing two different meals is not my idea of fun. Maybe in the future we will settle on cooked vegan with lots of whole foods.

But I am noticing a distinct increase in energy levels, and it is interesting to sample foods here and there after a clean fruit and vegies diet. You really notice the salt, sugar and fat!

I've only been on it for a couple of weeks and will continue for at least a month before making further changes. I want to see what it can offer my aging body!

I have also been reducing my online interactions, taking myself off old email lists which no longer interest me. Trying to eventually reduce the outside stimulation and voices to make me centre into myself and find my own voice.

Unfortunately this has meant less action on my blog. I hope you will bear with me as I sort through this internal time.

I'm starting a love myself project, where I really step through my own goals and accomplishments and I feel gratitude for myself which leads to love.

This is a huge area for me because I have always felt lacking and unworthy, even though people constantly tell me how talented I am. So I am paring back the outside voices to listen to my own loving voice.

Along with loving myself is the whole realm of loving my body.

I am taking time each day to have long walks, doing yoga stretches, and also introducing meditation times as well. I have a plan to start weights, but haven't nailed that one yet!

It's been very interesting that as I chip away at the things and practices and people that don't serve me 100%, (not that they are repugnant, but just not quite right), I find I hear more clearly that little voice inside that is my own.

My mantra at this time is:

keep it simple

I am writing all this out to help me see it in its entirety, and I publish it in case it helps others to read.


Sooo Bushy and I went on a date on Sunday to the National Arboretum where he has a research site. It is an amazing place with plans for 100 forests and 100 gardens. It's early days yet as they only opened it a few years ago. We are fascinated by the kinetic scupltures they have installed recently.

We did a little photo shoot for you near the bottle tree forest.


Are you doing any simplifying lately?

Do you spend time appreciating your own natural beauty?

I would encourage you to try it!

Sleep tight my dears.


Jazzy Jack



  1. Oh my dear dear Jazzy Jack. This is so lovely. About a year ago I did the same thing. I pared down and pared down and pared down. It is very cleansing but amazingly the stuff - both physical and metaphysical - continues to pile up. Isn't it funny how we feel we have to make excuses when we do things for ourselves? I sometimes feel like LIFE these days with all the techno stuff is just sucking up my time and energy...she says as she types away technologically. Time with you is never wasted as far as I'm concerned and thanks to you I see faces everywhere. :~)

  2. Sending you the very best wishes, my friend, it is lovely to see you and Bushy.

  3. Well, I can so relate to this. Simplifying is harder to do than you think but often letting go of things can free us up in very positive ways. I hope all the things you're doing are bringing you real benefit.

  4. It's lovely to see the new installation...what a contrast to the curved bottle tree. We specially love the resident forest people there! You blend beautifully!!! We felt like having a nibble off your plate..yum. Our love to our love.
    D&M xxxx

  5. wonderful to see you both smiling beside a tree!
    do you know what? i never could stand clutter and kitsch and such in my life - it makes me nervous. and people who are not right feel like steeling precious time. although i´m not a minimalist in style - i love colors and rich materials and baroque - i do need clarity in my lifestyle.
    so i totally understand you!!!
    and i´m glad that you has found a way to feel better!

  6. It all sounds good and I wish you well on your path. I like the clarity, but it takes me a lot of procrastination to get there. and get there again. and again. etc.

  7. I too have been attempting to Simplify our Lives, ever since the Big Move a year ago I've been going in that direction. As a self-confessed Maximalist it is likely I will never make it to Minimalism *smiles* but it has been quite liberating to let go and appreciate having less cluttering up our lives... all areas of our lives in fact. I'm quite Enjoying the Process too... I do Hope you will continue to Post about your Process to keep Inspiring the rest of us on that Simplicity Journey. Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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