Meet the family

Hello there my lovelies!

We have a treat for you today...hopefully.
We decided to video one of our unschooling outings and use the filming and editing as part of our schooling experience.
So we hope to bring you videos on a regular basis and use this as structure for our week, encouraging us out of our cosy home to explore the world a little more.

As it was impossible to avoid using names in the video, we have gone live!
Please meet, Aiden our 11 year old...( formerly known as Mr Actor)

And Miles our 14 year old...( formerly Mr Artist)

Cris also known as Bushy...

And Jack also known as Jazzy Jack !
Collectively we are The Bracks, so yes, I am Jack Brack :-)

We kept the editing loose (!) and allowed the voices of the kids to shine so you can get to know them and their wonderful world a little more.
Hopefully you enjoy visiting the Arboretum, meeting the Australian Magpies and seeing some more of our beautiful country.

So here we go...

Til next time, keep on creating!
Jazzy Jack


  1. G'day family - and musical magpies!

  2. It's fun to share your aerial picnic and safari to locate the missing researchers with the co-casting of expectant hungry, musical magpies. Thank you to the producer, director, editor and actors for providing us with our Saturday matinee. D&M xxxx

  3. So good to meet the family and share in the creative video project. What a clever bunch you all are. Magical scenery too.

  4. So nice to meet the Family and I'm sure you all had Fun Creating the Video together, loved the Magpies! Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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