War, water and wheelchair

Hello fellow travellers.
This week we head to the woodworking room to watch Miles making his WW 2 replica wooden guns.

We also have some fascinating moments watching the interactions between water, plastic bottles, tissues and food colouring.

And finally, we view a burnt out car from a wheelchair!

All accompanied by Aiden's eerie guitar music - composed and performed by him and sound bending by me.
Sound exciting?

By the way, look at the gorgeous shapes made by plastic bottles left overnight in an aquarium!

We'd love your company on our Unschooling Adventures.
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Til next time,
Keep on creating!

Jazzy Jack and The Bracks


  1. thank u ! i enjoyed that ! hugz xxxx

  2. A really, real wheelie with 2 cool guys and a colour dance in your tank. We enjoyed spending time with you as you experimented with them. Seeing you sawing and aiming the result was good too. Thank you all. Love D&M xxxx

  3. Oh wow, those bottles look amazing!!! The background music was really sinister! I liked the food dye experiments!

  4. Hello my lovely! Greetings from the Orkney islands. I saw your comment as I was quickly checking my email. I hope that you and your son are ok. Sending you hugs. I hope that whatever it is sorted or ok. Hang in there.xxx


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