Where we visit the zombies at the art gallery.

Greetings one and all.

We return with another video. That's two in a row. On a roll here!
The puppets with freaky penises!

This week we watch Miles build and sleep in a bivouac ( gorgeous word!) in the backyard, play with the zombies at the art gallery in the fog sculpture, visit a couple of sculptures inside, and hear me singing!
Please come along for the ride.
So simple and so beautiful.

The other day Miles wrote about a day in the life of an unschooling teen for an unschooling newsletter at Stories of an unschooling family.

I include it here to round off the story of the video.

A Day in the life of Miles Brack age 14.
From the outside my day looks like this.
I wake up somewhere between 11am and 1pm.
Play video games till about midnight.
And go to bed.
Very basic and boring to write about.
However on the inside:
This morning I woke in my bivouac which I built in the back yard, in order to test out my new folding bed which is going into my Andersen Shelter I am digging on our block of land.
The temperature was between 0 and 5 degrees Celcius which added a little spice to the adventure.
I lay in bed surrounded by two jerry cans I discovered at the recycling centre and resprayed, imagining I was in the Home Guard during World War 2.
At 5:30 am after a surprisingly comfortable but short sleep (3 1/2 hrs!), I returned to the 21st century and the work of Slowmoguys filming glass shattering at 324,000 fps.
Porridge for breakfast called me indoors and I snuggled into my other bed to eat it with more Slomoguys entertainment.
Returning to my favourite era of 1940s I jumped on the computer to play Heroes and Generals enjoying the indepth environment of the frontline. Including installing a new weapons pack on the back of my SdKfz(a 1944 halftrack German motorbike).
After lunch I mostly watched Youtube videos of funny moments in Heroes and Generals.
Then I got bored and decided to conduct some experiments in my fish tank. ( It's alright there are absolutely 100% no fish involved) I bought the fish tank last week at The Green Shed. Various experiments were conducted with food colouring, cut in half plastic bottles, and tissues, studying floatation, water pressure, surface tension, vortexes, bleeding, filtration and oil leaks.
Mum videoed some of this for our vlog Natural Medley on youtube.(subtle plug!)
Various housework took place and writing of this article.
Now I'm off to have more porridge before going to bed in the am. Couldn't do that at school...

Bushy (Cris) on our date at the fog sculpture the weekend before.

Aiden also had some insight into the fog sculpture :
"Being in the fog was like the Arma3 mod for DayZ (Computer game). When the hoard comes out there's lots of fog!"
"It was really pretty when the sun rays shone into the water. When the music started playing it was really 'majestical' "(quote from our favourite NZ movie - Hunt for the Wilderpeople).


We hope you can join us for more adventures.
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Til next time, keep on creating!

Jazzy Jack and The Bracks


  1. Your voice is so ethereal! I loved it!


  2. You are such a magnificent mom. Look at your beautiful inquisitive boys wandering through the fog. You've even got me looking for faces everywhere. Xxxooo

  3. What a treat to go on your safari into the mists and gallery and even to bed! Even Winter was in on the act. Thank you for your story Miles and your insights Aiden. You painted great word pictures. That must be one good sleeping bag! Your musical embroidery is a delight Jack! Love D&M xxxx

  4. oh wow!!! do you want to adopt me ;-)
    love the article from miles - so full of humor and reflexion - are you sure he´s just 14? homeschooling makes for very fabulous kids it seems!
    much love! xxxxxx


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