Beach outfit with additions, and poem!

Hi there my beauties!

This week I have a short post. No video I'm afraid because we are in the process of buying a holiday cabin (eek!) and running around preparing for staying there.

Such a lot of work to be relaxed!

I haven't seen it yet, Cris did all the preliminaries, but tomorrow is the day!

In preparation I've been buying beach you do. But as we are still quite cold here in Canberra, I've had to augment the beach clothes with tights, shirt, jacket and boots!

This is the Brer Rabbit Black Marilyn Playsuit from Black Milk Clothing

with William Morris illustrations.

Great for spinning!

And more modest than a short skirt :-)

Heavily supervised by pets.

Spinning off to the beach!

Yes, Smart-Blue (manx cat) and Winter (spanador...labrador/cocker spaniel cross) are coming too!

I leave you with a poem I wrote last time we were at the beach.


Every hour of every day

Waves wash the shore

Cycle by cycle

Relentlessly cleaning

Foaming and sudsing

Rinse and repeat

Scrubbing and scouring

Washed then dried

Ancient efficient machine

Run by tides and wind.


Til next time,

Keep on creating!


Jazzy Jack and The Bracks



  1. What a fun outfit...William Morris doing Alice in Wonderland...what more could you want. It really suits a creative lady in a spin!! Your poem makes us feel we're sitting on the beach watching it happen. Enjoy the real thing! D&M xxxx

  2. Good luck with purchase. Nice way to transition to spring and summer. That sounds odd typing that on September 22 in the northern hemisphere.

  3. How exciting for you all!
    Love that sweet playsuit and the cat's expression! xxx

  4. Lovely outfit, watching by pets :-)
    The poem makes want me to be on the beach (so far away and unreachable, sigh!).
    Good luck for the holiday cabin and have a nice weekend

  5. Congrats on your Holiday Cabin! I'd be spinning in Celebration as well! Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  6. Jack, I love your long jacket and your poem! I published Miles' post. So wonderful to have him guest posting on my blog!


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