Our beach week

 Greetings lovely people!
Last week we had to the good fortune to follow Cris to the coast for one of his consultancies.
Cris regularly travels to various jobs around the country and sometimes the world. Usually we are stuck at home without him. But this time the kids are being homeschooled and have flexibility. Also it was only two hours away, driveable, and at the coast (!) So our video this week is Part one of some footage we took of our adventures.
Rock hopping seemed to be the activity of choice this time, as although sunny, the water was still cold.
It was interesting to watch Aiden conquer his fears,
and Miles take charge to ensure we crossed the potentially dangerous terrain, safely.
As we had such a blast both times we've been to this beach lately, we have just today bought ourselves a little beach experience. A cute renovated cabin for semipermanent living in a tourist park on the coast, near Mossy Point.
Now we can go back whenever we like! Yay!
Stay tuned for further reports and adventures at the coast.
Jazzy Jack and The Bracks


  1. Wow, what beautiful scenery! Great photos.

  2. Wonderful beach! What a great road trip. x

  3. We enjoyed your time at the beach with the pools and rocks and 2 special young men! Loved the tiny pool!
    D&M xxxx

  4. That looks like a lovely spot to keep returning to! And it's good to know the names of your family now too.
    PS. Thank you for your kind comment, I appreciate it. xx

  5. Oh it looks so beautiful there! Wow, I love those rugged,enormous rocks. Your son is brave to climb those rocks- I don't think I could!!x


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