BeautyScope 304: Wild forest

shall we walk
in the wild forest
you and I
watching the light
fall on the leaves
and play

BeautyScope 302: Purple pleasure

purple spirals
of corrugated
silky membranes
swirl like dancers
around a precious stalk

BeautyScope 301: Fragile floss

like fairy floss
flowers send out
their delicate seeds
decorating the sturdy forest
with fragility

BeautyScope 300 : Twin trees

two trees
marching side by side
like train tracks
keeping pace
year by year
helping each other
to grow

BeautyScope 299 : Left luggage

detritus of modern living
left behind
forms a bridge
for my left foot

Photo by Aiden Brack

BeautyScope 298 : Fallen tree

many days have I walked
beneath the arch created by
your falling
in the presence of your demise
you still provide a resting place
you still provide an entrance
to my green space

photo by Aiden Brack

BeautyScope 295: Cloud Lake

a lake in the sky
constantly swirling
changing, reflecting
showing us wonder
making us gasp!
clouds float on by

BeautyScope 294: Waiting Canoe

beached canoe 
waiting for someone 
to bring it life

BeautyScope 293: Golden Candles


lift them high
your golden candles
tempt those insects
drive them wild

My Colour Journey

Every now and again in life we are granted the opportunity to see ourselves in a totally new way.
Lately this has been granted me in two directions.  My personality type which I mentioned in my previous post, and in an unexpected unveiling of a new colour classification for my skin type.

Woopee doo you say. How earth shattering...not!
You may or may not live in the world where colour is of utmost importance. I know Cris is not at all moved by colour, as he is actually colourblind.

So one day a friend of mine mentioned to me that she thought I could be warmer in colouring than I had at first thought. If you follow the seasonal colour analysis, you will understand when I say I was classified a "Winter" for most of my life and  now feel I might be an "Autumn"! This means all the colours I used to wear are no longer the best colours to buy. Quite a drastic change.

Fortunately I have been on a simplifying mission in the last few months, and during this time I tried out a mostly black and white and grey colour palette. This was a great palette cleanser. (:-) But I felt I needed more colour in my life. But what?

So this new enlightenment came along at the perfect time. Maybe I was primed to listen.

Here are some colour experiments I've been playing with to decide if I am right.

I've warmed the colour up to accurately represent my skin so you can see how gold and silver look. My skin goes luminous under camera scrutiny. My sister calls it fluorescent!
So now I look like I'm in a sunset.
(I'm currently having a love affair with the colours in this scarf)

And now after all that hard colour work, come with us for a nice walk in the Spring sunshine to our dam.

This is the closest I get to sitting on the rocks at the beach, in tame Canberra. The water pouring underneath, high up above it all, looking out at the landscape. Ahhh!

And here is a poem I don't think I've shared before.

I. Wonder.
Isn't that a gift?
to have the mind
to muse
and dream
to see within
to play

I wonder
about wonder
that soul gripping space
it tilts my thoughts
opens me
gives me buoyancy
a new way

it's wondrous!

Til next time,
keep on creating!

Jazzy Jack and the Bracks

BeautyScope 292: Remembrance Donkey


poppies' tears collect
in the fold of a saddle
saying "I remember"
Photo by Aiden Brack

South Head and Tin Whistle

Hello folks!

We've had all sorts of video loading dramas this week and I accidentally deleted an old post, so the current video is short to test the new system.
I'm enjoying making them but feeling quite frustrated at our low quality equipment. When we bought our camera it was for still photography, and does that well. The main issues we have, as you no doubt are aware, are stability and mic noise ones. We don't have any slots for an external mic so are restricted to the windy on board mic.
I have visions of beautifully edited and shot, glamorous, easy to watch movies of our gorgeous lives. What we get is a lot more earthy and gritty! Maybe that is more real anyway.
When I had uploading problems I thought that was the end of my youtubing, but now we have found a way I have to decide whether I want to invest in some better equipment. My track record with new enthusiams is pretty short. Have I passed that deadline? Is this one a keeper? Hmmm.
I do enjoy the thought that the kids can watch this all back in the future. And they will. They love watching old videos and laughing at themselves. They sit there in hysterics. It's so fun to watch them watching!

This week I've also returned from a time at our lovely "Leeway" BY MYSELF! A whole weekend!

I can't remember a time when I was away by myself like that. I think the last time was when I was single! It was a lovely time of relaxing and listening to the rain, because of course it was wet until the morning I left (you can see me just before I left taking time on a rock at the beach playing my tin whistle in the video).  
Also spending some time reflecting on where I would like to spend my energy next year and working out a self care plan to ensure I can manage homeschooling long term.

When I returned I was sucked into a Facebook you do...which caused me to finally have a go at nailing down my Myers Briggs Type. This has always frustrated me as I really hate doing these tests. I did this one and came up with INFP/borderline INFJ. With some more reading and doing a different test, I decided INFJ fits me best. So now I'm having fun viewing my life and decision making through this lens.

Selfie balanced on rocks at a windy Tuross Heads.
Love the angle!
Having to remove myself from the clamour of my life to have enough head space to work out what I'm thinking and feeling, for example, is classic. This is supposed to be the rarest type with only one percent of the population INFJ. However I seem to be tripping over them everywhere on the internet. I think the internet and personality typing are their/our natural home ;-)

Anyway, that has been my world for this week.

Til next time,
Keep on creating!

Jazzy Jack  

PS Here is the accidentally deleted video for posterity!