My Colour Journey

Every now and again in life we are granted the opportunity to see ourselves in a totally new way.
Lately this has been granted me in two directions.  My personality type which I mentioned in my previous post, and in an unexpected unveiling of a new colour classification for my skin type.

Woopee doo you say. How earth shattering...not!
You may or may not live in the world where colour is of utmost importance. I know Cris is not at all moved by colour, as he is actually colourblind.

So one day a friend of mine mentioned to me that she thought I could be warmer in colouring than I had at first thought. If you follow the seasonal colour analysis, you will understand when I say I was classified a "Winter" for most of my life and  now feel I might be an "Autumn"! This means all the colours I used to wear are no longer the best colours to buy. Quite a drastic change.

Fortunately I have been on a simplifying mission in the last few months, and during this time I tried out a mostly black and white and grey colour palette. This was a great palette cleanser. (:-) But I felt I needed more colour in my life. But what?

So this new enlightenment came along at the perfect time. Maybe I was primed to listen.

Here are some colour experiments I've been playing with to decide if I am right.

I've warmed the colour up to accurately represent my skin so you can see how gold and silver look. My skin goes luminous under camera scrutiny. My sister calls it fluorescent!
So now I look like I'm in a sunset.
(I'm currently having a love affair with the colours in this scarf)

And now after all that hard colour work, come with us for a nice walk in the Spring sunshine to our dam.

This is the closest I get to sitting on the rocks at the beach, in tame Canberra. The water pouring underneath, high up above it all, looking out at the landscape. Ahhh!

And here is a poem I don't think I've shared before.

I. Wonder.
Isn't that a gift?
to have the mind
to muse
and dream
to see within
to play

I wonder
about wonder
that soul gripping space
it tilts my thoughts
opens me
gives me buoyancy
a new way

it's wondrous!

Til next time,
keep on creating!

Jazzy Jack and the Bracks


  1. I think you found your colors. You look fabulous. I saw enjoy seeing pictures from my southern hemisphere friends. November is a full month here.

    1. Thanks! Yes it's so odd this weather thing. Blogging can be quite surreal! xo Jazzy Jack

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  3. Even without the colours ...that's pretty :-)

    1. Pretty is good! I'll accept that xxxx Jazzy Jack

  4. What a nice poem. I know little about color but orange looks pretty on you.

    1. Aww thanks Ally. I appreciate your comment on the poem too. Xo Jazzy Jack

  5. Looking lovely! Your decorating scheme matches your clothes so you must be attracted to them already.
    I had mine "done" in the 1980s but the ones they suggested were so hideous I stuck to my brights. As long as you wear what you love you can't go far wrong.
    Lovely to see Summertime down under, I can live vicariously through you. xxx

    1. We like to spread a little sunshine around :-D
      Yes, it remains to be seen if I stick to these colours. I am a notorious box escaper! But at the moment it feels liberating.
      Stick to the colours you love...obviously my subconscious knew a thing or two during my decorating!
      Xo Jazzy Jack

  6. You know I, too, am a "winter" but every time I wear red or orange I get tons of compliments. I find that I still don't feel comfortable wearing bright colors. I think somehow I just have to change my way of thinking--to sunsets and azaleas!!!

    1. I never had issues with standing out, but occasionally I will feel hot in brights.
      Sunsets and azaleas are good role models! I could see red and orange on you...together :-D
      xo Jazzy Jack

  7. You look so beautiful - definitely your colors!! And yes, it is such a wonderful GIFT that you possess!

    I intuitively know that I changed over the years - my skin tone, the way I do my hair in the last few years... Some colors that I used to love do not look as good on me nowadays. I used to wear more soft colors, similar to what you show here actually! Now I'm all about bright colors and deep jewel tones, as well as black and white. Soft palette doesn't feel right now. Isn't it interesting how we change, both on the inside and outside?

    Much love!

    1. Yes! I was into jewel tones forever and these more muted tones feel more unusual for me. But I suspect I will head back to the brighter ones again but with more warmth.
      Your colours certainly suit where you are right now!
      xo Jazzy Jack

  8. You are looking fantastic and definitely glowing! I love your colours and I think you have lots of room to play with warm and mellow or warm and rich. I discovered I had the wrong white balance setting on my camera. What a lot of troubles and wrong colour choices that caused me! ;-) I am finding my skin looks so different now and it seems you are finding that too. I am amazed at what the wrong colours did to the way I look and what the right ones do. I'm so happy you are having fun with your journey. xoxo

    1. Thanks for the point about WB! How dumb can I be! Have changed it to a custom setting to match my skin. Will see how we go. Hopefully fix the permanent sunset issue :-) My colour play is teaching me photography.
      xo Jazzy Jack

  9. What fun you are having!! It's always lovely to see your photos and you look good in these pictures. We love the scarf and drape. We enjoyed going to the dam with you too. Your Wonder poem IS a Wonder!!! D&M xxxx


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