South Head and Tin Whistle

Hello folks!

We've had all sorts of video loading dramas this week and I accidentally deleted an old post, so the current video is short to test the new system.
I'm enjoying making them but feeling quite frustrated at our low quality equipment. When we bought our camera it was for still photography, and does that well. The main issues we have, as you no doubt are aware, are stability and mic noise ones. We don't have any slots for an external mic so are restricted to the windy on board mic.
I have visions of beautifully edited and shot, glamorous, easy to watch movies of our gorgeous lives. What we get is a lot more earthy and gritty! Maybe that is more real anyway.
When I had uploading problems I thought that was the end of my youtubing, but now we have found a way I have to decide whether I want to invest in some better equipment. My track record with new enthusiams is pretty short. Have I passed that deadline? Is this one a keeper? Hmmm.
I do enjoy the thought that the kids can watch this all back in the future. And they will. They love watching old videos and laughing at themselves. They sit there in hysterics. It's so fun to watch them watching!

This week I've also returned from a time at our lovely "Leeway" BY MYSELF! A whole weekend!

I can't remember a time when I was away by myself like that. I think the last time was when I was single! It was a lovely time of relaxing and listening to the rain, because of course it was wet until the morning I left (you can see me just before I left taking time on a rock at the beach playing my tin whistle in the video).  
Also spending some time reflecting on where I would like to spend my energy next year and working out a self care plan to ensure I can manage homeschooling long term.

When I returned I was sucked into a Facebook you do...which caused me to finally have a go at nailing down my Myers Briggs Type. This has always frustrated me as I really hate doing these tests. I did this one and came up with INFP/borderline INFJ. With some more reading and doing a different test, I decided INFJ fits me best. So now I'm having fun viewing my life and decision making through this lens.

Selfie balanced on rocks at a windy Tuross Heads.
Love the angle!
Having to remove myself from the clamour of my life to have enough head space to work out what I'm thinking and feeling, for example, is classic. This is supposed to be the rarest type with only one percent of the population INFJ. However I seem to be tripping over them everywhere on the internet. I think the internet and personality typing are their/our natural home ;-)

Anyway, that has been my world for this week.

Til next time,
Keep on creating!

Jazzy Jack  

PS Here is the accidentally deleted video for posterity!


  1. Ahh the Skye Boat Song. I haven't heard it in years so I'm listening to Nana Mouskouri sing it now. I love your tin whistle version and the picture of you on the rocks is lovely. I think of your live as gorgeously gritty. I admire all you do immensely. So glad you got a weekend alone. It's an INFJ necessity! I think there are lots of INFJs online but I also think there are people who mistype as INFJ because they love the idea of the rarity. I've encountered that in some places. For me, being 'different' was never a joy. Learning about INFJ and the fact that it's less common has helped me understand and accept myself significantly. Especially the fact that there are some people who probably believe I am an extrovert because I do behave like one sometimes but the extent to which it drains me is enormous. And yet, I keep doing it. For years I have heard people ask why I am the way I am, why do I do what I do, and there was always an intimation of blame ( perhaps I am too sensitive ) as though it is my own fault for exhausting myself. My mother thinks I do everything the hard way. Anyhow-you know how I could ramble forever about INFJ stuff but really I just want to send some love your way and admire your unique and creative life.

  2. You certainly have a fun spot there and also a visually relaxing spot. We loved being with you and hearing your music again with the wind and sea sounds joining with you. D&M xxxx

  3. What a wonderful spot you live in! To be surrounded by such savage beauty daily must fill your heart and soul. I really enjoyed your little films.

    That campground with the kangaroo and kookaburra reminded me of our stay on Kangaroo Island, one of the best parts of our Australian holiday.

    My husband has taken a job in Hong Kong (I'm kind of keeping it on the low-down) so it is just me and the pug holding down the fort here for months on end until he comes home at Christmas for a visit. I love your little house where you can listen to the rain on the roof.


  4. I love your videos, and I really don't mind any bumpiness at all. If we decided to become cinematographers, it would be an issue. For treasuring memories and communicating with beloved people - I think you're doing just fine!

    I am glad you took some time for yourself. I can't imagine how much work homeschooling is. But I know it works for your family, so you will be finding ways to do it organically, without driving yourselves crazy.

    I am glad that Shawna brought up these tests. I wanted to do it since Justin mentioned them years ago, so it was fun for me. I am INFP, and my daughter is INFJ - somewhat similar and somewhat different. I find the tests very accurate. They are reassuring to me because they show why we feel so lonely in the world - there are just not too many people who are similar enough to our types. We are rare birds.

    Love you!

  5. Your new beach place sounds wonderful and a great escape for you. I love your tin whistle playing and how funny that you mentioned it at the same time as me! Strange coincidence. I was SOOO glad to find my bag of them last week as well as I have them all keys now, not just the D one, the old ones play surprisingly beautifully compared to newer ones one can buy. x


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