Leeway visit and poem

Greetings all!

We have returned from two glorious weeks at our beautiful "Leeway".
This time the kids settled a little more, and we were able to provide more time on the boat as Cris also had some holidays. So Miles is now doing solo runs back and forth to town! How independent!
Aiden was feeling much better this time and managed a few more activities. We put his improvement down to having started "Kefir". He loves it, and it has a good reputation, so far so good. Not only has it appeared to help with his digestion, but he also says it is helping his brain not be so scared and OCDish.
I was quite productive poetry wise or at least pottering. So here is one sample:

As I walk the line
Along the shore
I wonder about permanence
And impermanence
Wash and backwash
Hearing the splash of waves
In one ear
And crunch of rock
In the other
I wonder that 
The same waves that erode
Also build the beach
I ponder 
The crab, shell fish, even seaweed
Have much to teach
About living with grace
in tumultuous times
Here where life provides abundance
And then lack
And so I tiptoe shore footed
Among my musings
Keeping a fine balance
Avoiding the blue bottles.

I hope life is treating you well in these "interesting" times.
I want to reach out and hug those of you who are struggling. So I write my BeautyScopes, put up my poems and photos and talk about our lives to send some love and beauty and understanding out into your world. I hope it helps!

Til next time,
keep on creating!

Much love,
Jazzy Jack


  1. It is indeed a Beautyscape. We're so glad your time away was so good. A new Captain for the boat eh? What fun!
    We loved "walking" with you in your poem as you mused . You look so good too! Love M&D xxxx

  2. this poem is so true!
    and its wonderful to hear you had a good time! kefir used to help me too. maybe i should start it again.
    you look radiant in this golden tones! beautiful!
    hugs from far! xxxxx

    1. Thanks Beate! Interesting you benefited from kefir as well. Yes, I'm loving the golden touch :-) hugs back!

  3. It is so appreciated and know mostly your posts leave me speechless and not commenting. I'M usually savoring the words and pictures. You have both gifts.

    1. Oh Sam, what a lovely thing to say! Thanks!

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  5. Good to catch up with you and hear that all is well. Beautiful photos and words! xx

  6. That is a wonderful poem! I love it!!!

  7. It's always a pleasure to see your lovely photos and read your positive words.
    Looking lovely! xxx


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