My clothes are fascinating!

Greetings beautiful readers!
I hereby present for you a few of the outfits I've worn recently. I'm sure you will find them as fascinating as I do!
Well actually, I am finding my clothes a little more interesting with the change of colour regime.
But I don't claim to be a fashion blogger, so bear with me as I show my crumpled, barefooted, relaxed clothing shots. This is the real me...just a bus kanaka at heart...roughly meaning bush person in Tok Pisin.

I love this shot of Miles and me at the beach. See how much taller he is now?
These little red shorts are the lightest things to wear in the heat. In fact I have them on again right now!
The yellow bucket is now in the sea. I used it to collect sea water for my dyeing, and a wave took it and wooshed it to the bottom never to be seen again. I stood there for 5 minutes watching for it to surface, and watched for it everyday after that. Hopefully some sea creature is making it his home, and I won't be accused of littering!

Some of the colours I'm playing with are purple, green, and orange. I love this green silk with the purple.

Maybe one day I will write a post about how I made this coat from a linen tablecloth and two matching napkins, self dyed of course. Such fun to wear!

I like the cute proportions of this 3/4 sleeved jumper with the 3/4 pants. I made a scarf pin out of a ring to repeat the red. I love the little starry socks and the pink and red shoes I just happened to find in the op shop the same day I was wearing this. I often find that happens to me. I seem to accidentally shop the colours I'm wearing. Do you?

 One of my favourite colours to wear is this dark chocolate. I am really looking forward to cooler weather for this. This wear was just for the photo to see how it looks. I like it.

Yellow has always been a colour I've shied away from, but this pale gold has surprised me. I really enjoy it. It's soft but playful.

Finally this gorgeous jacket which may not suit so well with it's greys, but the warm blues and orange stripe rescue it a little. Of course the orange scarf is a triumph!

I leave you with another poem from the shore.
This one inspired by my adventures with the yellow bucket.

Having heard
Of our dyeing plans
Waves hurl themselves
Into our bucket
"Pick me, pick me"
Trying to launch
A career in fashion

Aiden took this shot of me as we walked through the Eurobodalla Botanic Gardens. A beautiful natural place with some wonderful bush walks. We had a ball!

Til next time,
keep on creating!

Much love,
Jazzy Jack

Needless to say all the clothes except the red shorts and blue jacket are second hand.


  1. Wow! Lookin' stylish, my friend.

  2. What a fabulous round-up of outfits, that last photo is like a paparazzi shot of a celeb!
    Love that mix of purple & green silk. I adore those rich, jewel-like colours. You and Miles look like brother and sister on the beach together! xxx

    1. Thanks Vix! I must admit I didn't expect to be wearing shorts on the beach at 50 when I was his age! Life is full of surprises:-) xo

  3. Brilliant poem! Hahaha. That's exactly what happened. I agree - a great mix of outfits. The purple and green together, niiice. And the orange scarf is a champion with that coat.

    1. Hee hee maybe will see a wave on the catwalk soon. Maybe Victoria's Secret?!

  4. i never read blogs were the clothes are only worn for show - it is the real life thing what interests me!!
    and your beach and bush life looks fab! and you look gorgeous in your clothes! 2.hand or home made and every piece so totally you - topped with a beautiful smile :-)
    love the poem - so sweet!

  5. You sure have great combinations of your clothes ....your colour skills are showing! You are very photogenic as is the handsome young man by your side. Again your photographer has shown his skill in the lovely bush. Yu smatpela tru!!! D&M xxxx

  6. such lovely colors! I like particularly that Green scarf and purple shirt combo!
    Love to see your style (and your pretty smile)

  7. Clothing begs you to wear it and make it look good! Love your table cloth outfit-love all the outfits, the colours, it all looks great. Purple and green together is always a power combination, I think. xoxo

  8. The stronger colours really suit you. It's fun to experiment, and photographing onself is very helpful in becoming more objective.

  9. WOW!!! I love it all! I am so glad you did this recap. Purple and green, plaid and orange, and that awesome linen coat (I can't believe you made it from tablecloth and napkins, it looks high fashion!!!), and red pants with the short sweater. The poem is my favorite, so funny! You are so talented, and so warm and just incredible, my friend!

  10. oh I luv all the ensembles you've put together for real life. And the hand-dyed tablecloth with napkins is brilliant. You radiate in all the clothes you wear and they are so lucky you've chosen them.


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