Eye am colourful

Greetings my friends!
I had a few shots of my colour adventures left, so thought I'd share them with the world...as you do.
Above I am in pants made from old sheets dyed with eco dye colours. These are the very comfortablist pants I own. Come on...old sheets!

And now I present to you...da, da, da...my eye!
I took this closeup as best I could without studio conditions to see the colours therein.
I've been reading David Zyla's book about his colour system. All the colours that suit us best are located in our bodies. I really like the idea. Some find it hard to isolate their colours, but I didn't have too much trouble.

Here are my colours represented by the clothes in my wardrobe...colours as close as I could get them.
The peachy colour is my version of white (skin tones), the pink my version of red (blush tones), teal is my dramatic colour (vein colour), burnt orange is my energy colour (darkest colour in eye) , olive green my tranquil colour (lightest colour in eye), dark bluey grey my version of black (ring around iris), dark chocolate my version of brown (darkest colour in hair), and golden brown my version of khaki (lightest colour in hair - not sure if you count grey).

 You should have seen me squinting in the hand mirror in the sun with my faulty eyesight, trying to identify that elusive hair colour! It must have been hilarious!
He also talks about identifying your style. I have become enamoured of the Sensual Backpacker category or Spicy Autumn. It speaks of wearing simple practical stylish shapes in interesting textures referencing the sensuous traveller. Sounds like me right?!

When I dyed these pants I must have spilt juice on them because there was a large dark splat right in the front, so I covered it with an embroidered patch. All adds to the character.
I can't believe I nearly left this shirt in the op shop. It has become a staple this Summer. Great for a little coverup or if I need to look a little more decent than the singlets I hang out in at home...hey, it's hot!
I also love this necklace which combines my first gift from Bushy...a chain, with a polished rock made by my maternal grandfather Poppi.

I leave you with our latest video featuring Aiden on flying fox, and Miles flying solo in the boat...oh and my singing. Bear with the uneven sound quality, we are working on improving it. Slowly learning :-)

Til next time,
keep on creating!

Love JJ and the Bracks

BeautyScope 329: Grassy galaxies

grassy heads
have a starry centre
protected by floss
look within and drown

BeautyScope 328: Secret sea stash

sometimes it seems
like the sea wants
to save some of its beauty
just for itself
or for those with eyes
to see

BeautyScope 327: Kangaroo holiday

now Kevin
you see what the rules say
no jumping!

yes Dad
yes Mum
(I didn't wanna swim anyway)

BeautyScope 325: Butterfly resting

delicate feathery sand paintings
rest on your wings
easily disturbed by a finger

BeautyScope 324: Light works

hope is
carving a hole in the dark
for the light to shine in

Photo by Aiden Brack
Acting by Miles Brack

BeautyScope 323: Sparkler greeting

it was a New Year celebration
and a face smiled out of the gloom
so friendly it sparkled,
beckoning and dancing
in the last night of the year
welcoming me to wondrous
times ahead

Drawn by Miles Brack

New Year's family break

Greetings my lovelies.
Welcome to 2017!

I have a photo heavy post for you with a sum up of our holiday break in pictures.
Firstly we have the family portrait...
notice I made them wait for a photo shoot before eating!

And here is the more relaxed shot showing our presents in the poppers.
We are playing word games. A lot of fun!

So Christmas dinner was cooked by Cris on the barbecue and oven,
while I swanned around looking glamorous.  So what else is new?!

 Cutie patootie!

 My Christmas outfit is shiny! All bought secondhand and worn with a gifted necklace.
I enjoyed exploring new colours. I think they look OK. Shock horror!

During our break the kids enjoyed more time with Dad.
Here they are teaching Dad to fly a plane.
He did better than I did...he got off the ground!

 They also enjoyed freaking out Mum with a cicada shell!

A fun family time was had at Miles' home away from home...the Australian War Memorial.
Doesn't this plane have such a cute face, albeit worried or disapproving...?

 Aiden takes some time out while waiting for Miles and Cris, to do some cartooning.

 The mischievous trio.

 The view from the front steps of the War Memorial, looking down Anzac Parade with all it's smaller memorial statues to Parliament House in the distance, across the lake.

And we all made it to the traditional fireworks for New Year's Eve.We've been a few years in a row to a far away vantage point that doesn't involve too many people.
We had fun with slow photography and sparklers.
(In the first photo we captured the little girl's efforts in the next family as well)

 Can you see "Boi"?

 And "Hi"?

So we had a fun family break, staying at home for a while.
It's been such a travelling year we enjoyed the change.

Gratuitous sunset photo from our back deck.

Please enjoy our latest video with bits and pieces from Leeway - our coast cabin.
Including an echidna, pelicans, pool acrobatics and my singing!

Til next time,
keep on creating!

Lots of love,
From Jazzy Jack and The Bracks