BeautyScope 348: Aerial geometry

man's solid structures
strain upwards
effortlessly clouds float

Old stomping grounds

For our final Tassie adventure we head up Mt Nelson to visit our old stomping grounds.
When Aiden was 9 months old we lived here for 6 months while Cris did his Sabbatical.
We just couldn't get enough of the gorgeous views!
This is taken over the roof of our former house from the road.
We headed up to the top of Mt Nelson to the signal station which originally had a semaphore signal post, but now has a rather nice café with VIEWS!
We rang Miles for his 15th birthday from here, as we were bad parents and not at home. Tut, tut!
I just had to take a photo of the bumble bee who came visiting my flower. We don't get them in Canberra.
Afterwards we kept climbing and headed up Mt Wellington which is the tallest mountain nearby.
We were above the clouds. It felt like we were in a plane.

 Some rather interesting rock formations, a cute little hut and a phallic symbol!

And now, sadly, we must say goodbye. Cris looks rather happy to be going home to his boys.
He's such a cutie!
Jazzy Jack

Walk with me to the Hobart Botanic Gardens

G'day! Today I'm going on a walk to the Botanic Gardens in Hobart, Tasmania. Want to join me?
If you keep your eyes peeled you can see some gorgeous sights, including a little cute garden gnome peeping out of bushes ;-)
One thing we enjoyed in Hobart was seeing how they recycle artworks. I wonder if it is due to living on an island with limited resources.
The stone archway below was repurposed from a civic building. Doesn't it look grand in the gardens? How would you love something like that in your own garden! I'll be next in line if they want to hand it on again.
The floral clock is an iconic sight in the gardens, and I always love visiting the walled veggie patch. Don't those cyclamen look gorgeous in the wild? We too often only see them in pots.
On the right is a heritage wooden fountain. Quite unusual.
Another sighting of the garden gnome!
They also have a lovely Japanese garden section which houses this waterfall.

Goodbye Hobart Botanic Gardens
(with a final wave at the lily pond).
Hopefully we will return soon!
Jazzy Jack