Some random poem

I had a lovely day at our Botanic Gardens the other day, and while sitting in the shade having my morning tea picnic, I composed this poem.

She heard the city humming
Like a tired out fan
And bees buzzing
In the trees
Filling her head with thrumming

And as she sat
Listening to the world
A fat magpie
Walked right up
And looked her in the eye

A little spider
Suddenly appeared
On a filament
And running up her skin

She blankly stared
Still and silent
Caught by day dreams
Mind far away
But inside she screamed!
©  JJ 16/02/2015.

'Til next time,
keep on creating
and showing your unique selves to the world!

Jazzy Jack


  1. beate @ bahnwaerterhaeuschen24 February 2015 at 23:21

    beautiful beautiful poem!!!!
    i can feel the heat and hear the bees.........
    and i would scream loud! arachnophobia. 3 month in australia was what we call here a horse cure (rosskur). 8-/
    wish you lots of such serene moments! xxxxxxxx

  2. 😀 we have a huntsman ( big, hairy legs ) living on our ceiling at the moment. Put him out and he comes in again. So every morning the kids come out saying, where is the spider? He seems to stay put in the day and move at night. I know, sounds scarier than it is! We decided it was time to come back from NZ, the kids were turning soft! Scared of tiny tiny spiders 😀xo Jazzy Jack

  3. I love your choice of words, "like a tired out fan." I've thought in my head before how to describe the city noise during my commute. Wow, you phrased it all just beautifully. I haven't written a poem in quite a while and now I'm inspired!

  4. It just came to me. I've been thinking of describing it too without success. Sometimes poems come to me better when I'm in a dream state, like waking in the morning or relaxed day dream. When I try to force it it just clamps shut! Glad you liked it and were inspired!! Can't ask for a better compliment. Write something, please!

  5. The last photo looks like a big daytime moon.
    Beautiful poem. I feel a sense of peaceful angst.
    No matter how far off my thoughts, I'm sure my inner scream would have made its way out.

  6. I wanted a day dreamy photo, and it also is hanging on a thread. It's a wax figure Mr Actor made.
    Peaceful angst...interesting description. Yes, inner screams are highly overrated!

  7. I so enjoyed the poem, lIKE mELANIE THE FIRST THING THAT CAME TO MY MIND IS THAT YOUR? inner scream should be expressed outside. No keeping inside. That's the way. Expression and yet again expression of what's inside makes the world go round! Certainly not money! If I may add!

  8. Glad you liked it Angie! Yes, I was just exploring a day dream state in my poem, and I liked the juxtaposition of the dreaming relaxation with a scream. Rest assured if it was me my scream would not be silent! 😄 xo Jazzy Jack

  9. I love your poem. I find myself wanting to know why the scream does not come out. That interests me because I myself have never screamed before. The closest I once came to it was a squeak. xoxo

  10. Thanks! That means a lot from a writer. Yes, I tend to gasp inwards rather than scream. I'm glad I prompted you to think. Much more interesting than the obvious.


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