Break at the waves

A couple of weeks ago we went to the beach,
North Wollongong.
First time for 18 months!!
Windswept beach and view of hotel from beach.
It wasn't what you would call warm, but we are hardy Canberra stock! 
Yay! finally here!

 The clothing becomes progressively wetter.
Sandplay took place
Big brother protecting the art from the waves.

Nothing like wind, waves and rocks!

View from the hotel room
Day and night
Fortifications for the coast
Much fun was had by all.
Bushy was dressed for the part.

The sun did put in an appearance on the second day
...along with some dandelion parachutes.
There was even a hardy wedding party taking photos.

And suddenly a parachute
 was landing beside us!

Much love,
Jazzy Jack


  1. Great time was had. Great time was captured. Well done. But as I sit here in the wind and rain looking at these photos I feel COLD.

  2. Great pictures. Glad you had fun.

  3. Rofl, Bushy's outfit for the fortifications is the best thing ever! :D And big brother spread like a flat pancake protecting the art is the most adorable thing I have seen this year! Literally!

  4. Amazing photos! Something very refreshing in this post. So glad you had a vacation, and in such a beautiful place too. Those waves!!! Our ocean seems very delicate compared to these waves. :) Maybe it is pacific = quiet after all... I looked at the map - the place where you've been does connect with the South Pacific though. :)

    Your photos remind me that I need to put together a post about our vacation (also trip to the ocean) - I finished editing the bazillion of pictures, now just the selection process and writing, which is fun... so look for an ocean post from me soon. :)

    Bushy's taste in style is so similar to Justin's. But please tell me - how did you survive without going to the beach in 18 months?! :) Much love to you! xxxxx

  5. Great photos - yes, you're certainly a hardy lot, that doesn't look like a warm sea at all... I do like the coast of windswept days though, it blows the cobwebs away in fine style. xxx

  6. :) Looks like fun! Those waves look MASSIVE!

  7. beate @ bahnwaerterhaeuschen12 May 2015 at 13:42

    wow! i have wonderful memories of the australian beaches - endless sands, gorgeous surf, few people...... i was never a beach person but in aussi-land i became one :-)

  8. I know! But it was warmer than it looks.

  9. Thanks! I stood on the beach and shot. No swimming for me :-)

  10. Happy to be of ROFL service! :-D

  11. I look forward to your ocean post!
    We do get good waves, although the weather was particularly wild.
    I don't know how we survive. Just by the skin of our teeth! :-D xo jj

  12. Yes, much cobweb blowing was had by all!
    I love it for a while and then my sensory problems kick in. But I still crave it!

  13. Yep! Stayed well back, but camera still wet. Many people lost off rocks when fishing. Exciting and dangerous!

  14. Exactly. Hard to not like an Aussie beach. We are spoilt!

  15. Shawna McComber14 May 2015 at 11:46

    That looks so beautiful and so much fun! I am on the sheltered part of Vancouver Island, east side, sheltered by the mainland. If one goes to the west coast where the ocean is vast and goes all the way to Japan, the waves are big, the water icy and the sun less frequent but there is more rugged beauty there and is more similar to this beach. It always seems a place beloved of boys, young and old. Your photos are great. I always enjoy these family adventure stories. xoxoxo

  16. So nice to see that you and your family had a nice time. Beautiful place and you guys had so much fun there. Thank you for your words of support on my blog, I really appreciate it.

  17. Thanks Shawna. Yes we remember living in Vancouver and being a little disappointed at the surf :-) But the mountains and the occasional seal or otter made up for it!

  18. Hope things are settling down again. We are still thinking of you all and hoping the recovery is not too long. Xo Jazzy Jack


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