Ink blots and OCD

I've been playing with ink lately, and had a few nice results.

The theme was crescent shapes(boats, nests) and waves(hillsides, trees).

I love playing with the ink in an organic way, and allowing it space to say something.

Obviously I'm still working out the best paper. Some worked better than others, and some buckled more than others. Looks like the Bockingford is the best.

I hope you like what these had to say. They make me feel restful inside.

Always something to notice and value with my restless spirit.

I will be doing more! I feel I've found another voice to express with.

Bushy's response to that was "Yes, because you needed another one! "

Poor long suffering guy!

In my last post I alluded to some health issues in the family.

Mr Actor has been extremely sick with a streptoccal infection which attacked his kidneys causing all sorts of reactions in his body, and blowing up his OCD. So now we are reintroducing him to school. In order to do that I am sitting in the car park for the three hours he is managing at the moment. And he can come to me if he needs support.

In order to make this pleasant for me I'm bringing our campervan Brumhilda...yes all fixed again after the engine blowup in this I can have a table to write and eat at and loungeroom to knit in. Very pleasant.

Mr Actor joins me for morning tea :-) Yesterday was his second day, and he did really well after a rocky day the day before.

I put this out there to help normalise and reduce the stigma on mental illness. It's just another illness, and not our fault or something contagious. But it is interrupting our lives for a while. I say that if he can learn these lessons at 10 he will be way ahead of the pack. Learning to challenge your own thought processes and reintroducing more healthy ones is one of the hardest things he will ever do.

Poor kid. And I am absolutely privileged to support him through it!

Some selfies and glamour camping pics in Brumhilda.

Til next time, keep on creating!

Much love,

Jazzy Jack



  1. I love your ink work ... they look like feathers to me.
    Sorry that Mr Actor hasn't been feeling well, but he's very lucky to have such a supportive Mum.

  2. Zen-like ink works. Even the crinkled paper ones showcase their own allure.
    Just like you and yours.

  3. Your ink work is very calming. Like watching the surf in the morning. How nice that you can be there for Mr. Actor.

  4. Brumhilda by the sea ! We love the ink colours and and the gorgeous washes making cameo scenes of" sea and sky".
    It was lovely to see you too with the oh so important tea setting. We are cheering on courageous Mr Actor as you all support him on his journey. D&M xxxxoooo

  5. loooove the ink paintings!!!! so airy, so reduced and perfect!
    i send all my best health wishes to mr actor - i´m sure he will get well soon because of your loving support!!!!
    hugs to you and your wonderful family!

  6. So nice shining things and blue wool in the last photo! That gives cozyness. Good, that you have such a sweet retreat to wait and to do wonderful things during the time (I could only sit in inhospitable corridors on benches)...
    I'm agree with you: this year isn't a good year for health... sigh!

  7. Wow that sounds challenging. Good thing he has such a wonderful support system.


  8. Oh I missed this. I am so sorry your son was suffering. You are doing such an excellent job by supporting him through these challenges. What else we parents are for? I often think that mostly to support, in so many different ways... Loved the photos of you and your cozy little table. And it's wonderful that you found another voice within yourself with which to express. You are amazing!

  9. I too am the mother of a son with mental illness. I am so sorry Mr. Actor was so ill but glad he is on the mend and you are doing this amazing thing to support him. I have tears in my eyes right now, as I think about this and what I too have done, the successes and failures, the struggles, the pain and the joy.
    I love the softly blended inks in your new art form. I carved myself some stamps to use with ink but I had more fun doing the carving than actual stamping. Combining the stamping with the blended watery ink effect would probably appeal to me much more! xoxoxo Sending you much love and some rain-soaked hugs. xoxo

  10. Your Love and Support will definitely make a huge difference in Mr. Actor's Outcome. I have raised two of our Adult Children diagnosed with Serious Mental Illness... and am now raising two of our Grandchildren with the same diagnosis, recently finalizing the Adoption of them to make things easier as their Legal Guardian and permanent Placement Home since The System is not very helpful to Custodial Grandparents. I too have Shared in the Land of Blog in Hopes to promote more Understanding and Tolerance towards those with Mental Health Issues since the stigmas are still quite profound in Society. I may have to take The Young Prince {age 15 now and Sophomore in High School} out of Public School next year since it has been brutal to be able to find Teachers who can 'reach' and 'teach' him with his Beautiful Mind. He was Tested at Genius Level {148 IQ and I didn't even know what that meant so clearly mine isn't that high... LOL}... but failing everything in School. It is scary to me to be the one assisting him to finalize his Educational Process, I feel so inept... and Old School... and don't want to disable him further... but he feels I can't do any worse than the Teachers have done. *Ha ha ha* He has too many Anxiety and Panic Attacks at School anyway and they're always telling me he misses too much school, but then if you send him and he has one they can't wait for you to pick him up since they can't Cope... so it's difficult to know what they expect you to do... my Magic Wand is broken and I've oft told them they wouldn't be calling the Parent of a Child in a Wheelchair all the time chiding them for still not walking... but with the Mentally Ill Child they call me incessantly telling me how he IS, like I can Change that somehow... and it's irritating and insensitive. Thank you for Sharing your Story... it is an Encouragement. Dawn... The Bohemian


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