Spring makeovers

Hello beautiful people!

As I lie here in bed I can hear my budgies chirping brightly to welcome the new day, which reminds me of our latest adventure.

A few weeks ago I was feeding them and suddenly noticed we only had one budgie. One of our two was missing. Somehow, although I hadn't seen her go, Blueberry our female had escaped!

Sometimes things that happen in life can open up space for another adventure. So the family picked me out a new bird as a surprise (Blueberry had been a Mother's Day gift a few years ago).

Topaz a yellow budgie arrived. As they were buying her they noticed the tiny quails at the bottom of the cage in the pet shop which Bushy particularly liked. So for Father's Day we went and bought some.

In order to house them we had to renovate the bottom of the cage which had been dark with a piece of black plastic across it and the budgies never used it. So we changed that to perspex and now the budgies and the quails live there.

We have a little white and brown spotted one called Snowy(see below) and a brown one you see above, called Rustle.

They were named after the chickens we left behind in New Zealand.

Quails are more like chickens in habit than budgies, but they all get along well so far. We have learnt that the quails don't like wind, so keep a cover over them on windy days so they can venture out or they spend the whole day huddling in their house.

They are entertaining to watch like chickens, and keep us all entranced.

Especially the cat who is convinced he can reach them from his cage.

And the dog has a good sniff every time she passes to check they haven't got out yet!

Aren't they cute?

Another adventure has been building my new tiny garden to screen us from the driveway when we use our courtyard. It uses some secondhand Ikea bedheads for a fence. Baby steps!

I planted butterfly bush, pigface, snowinsummer and some strappy and succulent groundcovers. Now we wait and see which I can kill!

I'm happy with it so far. (Bushy will remove the cable ties when the cement sets!) We are not ruler straight gardeners, and tend to work organically :-) Don't you love the backlighting and shadows?

Another recent project resulted in what Mr Artist calls "Sky Squiggles".

I threaded all my miscellaneous beads leftover from many projects on to wire

and hung them as tree jewels.

They catch the light beautifully. Much better than storing them in a jar in the cupboard!

So with new birds in the aviary, sky squiggles above, the new garden below, the courtyard has had a little makeover. It must be Spring!

Which brings me to my apology. I am not feeling like blogging or writing or even photography. My energies are being spent in more concrete crafts like digging the earth, making objects, and tidying the house. I feel the need to ground myself this season.

Against advice I have removed Mr Actor from school at the moment as he was losing too much weight due to tension trying to stay at school (due to his OCD) causing his IBS to play up. And his compromised immune system just can't cope with all the bugs. This was a hard call, going it alone on instinct against expert advice. Time will tell if I'm right, but it is a lonely scary road!

So I am using most of my blogging time being homeschool teacher and OCD support. When I have a minute I send a photo to Instagram and dig in the earth. It is my sanity place right now, holding me still.

I am flitting around your worlds peeking in the windows and admiring your beauty!

Tweed and velvet both secondhand. Tweed vest made from men's jacket with sleeves removed and back darts inserted.
Bushy has had some fun moments on TV and radio recently talking about the latest report on global tree numbers. Have a look at his post.
And here's a wall squiggle made by a random cord left hanging in our bathroom.
See the face?

Til next time, keep creating and living in your wonderful unique strength!

Much love,

Jazzy Jack










  1. There are a lot of adventures poured into this post. Love the bed headboard for a fence idea. My husband and I were just talking about finding some shrubbery that is native variety, I like irganic looking as well. Clever wall art-face within a face with the shadow.

  2. Hehehe, a liveshow for the cat!
    So cute quails! Good luck with the garden (I'm working in my garden too, in this autumn time)
    and with all the others.
    Enjoy your spring :-)

    (My cat is ill and other existecial worries at this time, so I've stopped blogging and I'm rarely online)

  3. so much new family members!! new birds, new plants and some jewelry to celebrate spring!
    i´m sorry that mr actor is so unwell and lost to much weight - but i´m sure your motherly love and support will help him back on his feet! give him a hug from me :-)
    i wish you luck with your little garden! xxxxx

  4. Ooooh, I 'm sorry you lost your little budgie. I once lost a hamster and a mouse in my house, never to be found again. Such a mystery isn't it?
    I like that you are flittering around and looking in my windows. Let me know the next time you are peeking in and I'll come out to play!!

  5. There is something very important about getting your hands dirty and your feet on the earth. And being an instinctive caring mama. That is the best job of all. I meant to,tell you how much I love your squiggly cord face. So elemental.

  6. It's lovely to see all the additions to your courtyard. The birds have a garden view too . The quails look very cute. The cat has a floor show now! What a great face with its glamourous hairstyle.
    You are doing a great job with your precious young man in a hard situation. You are both very courageous. Our love D&M xxxxoooo

  7. I do see the face … and I hope Mr Actor feels better soon … a Mum always has to do what she feels is best for her kiddies.

  8. Yes, I see the face... and I admire YOUR beauty! Yes, I can see how your instinctive decision makes you feel scared and lonely sometimes. I wish you all the very best, to your son and all of you, to get through these difficult times.

    What fun you have gardening! I too have thoughts of gardening, but no movement so far - my poor backyard looks like jungle! So many pets, I hope they all will get along well! Cute birds!


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